Attack of the clones

Ok it’s official, the new star wars movie will be titled
Attack of the clones.(at least according to cnn)
It’s rather remeniscent of attack of the killer tomatoes wouldn’t you say?

can anybody come up with anything worse than that for a title?


Attack of the Product Merchandising Team

I just heard this. That is the dumbest title ever. I can’t read it without thinking about “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes”.

Oh well, at least it’ll make for some good parodies: “Far-Fetched Wars: Attack of the Clowns” springs to mind immediately. :smiley:

There’s already two threads in MPSIMS about this, and at least one in the Pit and one in IMHO. You might want to post to one of those instead.

When Clones Attack

Me and My Shadow

I Think I’m Seeing Double

The Sixth Day

Mirror Mirror (honestly I like this one)

Or George Lucas can pull the same stunt he pulled with the third Star Wars movie…

Anyone else remember all those “Revenge of the Jedi” T-shirts that were circulating before “Return of the Jedi” came out?

Send in the Clones!
Star Wars 2 - Just Cloning Around!

The theme song: “I think I’m a clone now…there always seems to be another me around,”