Attack of the fetusmobile...

So there I was in my car, during rush hour, and this big trailer-truck drives past with its sides plastered with the word “CHOICE” and huge, bloody pictures of mangled fetus-bits.

Damn, did that make me hungry.


I’m jealous, we don’t have nifty trucks like that around here. I mean seriously what better to pick me up in the middle of the day than seeing a truck with a bunch of huge, bloody, mangled fetus-bit pictures.

I suppose it would be better if they were giving them out as well. You know get a jump start on decorating for halloween or opening up your own themed club.

And the rant is “what”?

I’d give this one less than 1 out of 10.

No beat, can’t dance to it, didn’t make me spit my beer at the monitor or over the keyboard.

When the local Krispy-Kreme opened, they gave out milk from a milk truck with one of those big, inflatable balloons shaped like the milk company’s mascot on top.

See, that’s what pro-lifers need. A truck that gives out fetus bits, with a mascot on top- you know, a smiling, mangled kewpie-doll, covered in blood-smeared lanugo.

Actually, about 10 years ago the pro-lifers in Providence nearly did have a mascot. It was a little girl whose mother had had a botched (and, so far as I know, illegal) abortion, ripping the girl’s arm off. Somehow the baby was actually carried to term, and some efforts were made to turn her into a political football, as part of the pro-lifers’ campaign to increase the number of botched, illegal abortions.


I just wanna know how you can call yourself “pro-life” and kill doctors!?!

Hmm… sounds like a cereal… “Super Fetus Bits”.

I wonder what kind of free toy you’d find inside each box. Rusty forceps, perhaps?

By being an idjit.

IMO, of course.

Not everyone who thinks abortion is wrong believes it is ok to kill doctors who do abortions. In fact there are very few who do. So please get a smaller brush, you’re getting paint on myself and others who are not standing anywhere near those nuts.

Wow…what an insightful and original observation. :rolleyes:

I dunno…maybe the same mindset that lets Earth-First-ers kill people as they “rescue” habitats.

I’m totally pro-choice, and in no way think a fetus has the rights of a human being. But, I find it hard to believe no one seems to see the logic in killing abortion doctors.

It makes perfect sense. Imagine yourself as one who believes a fetus is a human being. The abortion doctors are killing many, many people, in your eyes. A person who kills many people, and continues to kill many people, deserves death. You might even be saving fetus “lives” by killing an abortion doc (but not likely, since a woman who was going to the late doctor will probably just go to another doc).

It’s no more illogical than being anti-abortion and pro-death penalty, which, if I am not mistaken, are planks of the Republican party.

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Was this it? The Truth Truck?

Wow. I didn’t think that poster was using a wide brush at all. Seemed like a comment on doctor-killers, not pro-lifers. Take it easy.

Damn, how come your city gets all the choice parts? We gotta settle for the scraps.

I hate those fucks. There used to be a converted school bus that drove around DC occasionally with much the same thing. Only thing that really made me want to engage in the wanton destruction of property. Preferably with assault weapons and plastic explosives.

Despite my opinion that abortion equals murder there is no way I would put up with something like that cruising my neighbourhood. The people who support this truck and other’s like it may have their hearts in the right place but their actions are extremely immoral.

I would rather that I was given a choice to educate my children in the matter myself and not have disturbing images forced upon them.

A related story…

My 11 year old son and neighbour’s son decided that playing with matches would be fun and burned some paper in our bathroom. I sat them down (with my neighbours approval) and took them to a burn site on the net. The pictures there were truly gruesome and after seeing what happens to a person when they suffer and survive horrendous burns and disfigurement they have not touched another match or lighter.

Seeing what the possible consequences of their actions could be was a lesson I felt they needed to learn.

They aren’t ready to see dead and dismembered babies, hell… I had trouble when I checked out the link to the “truthtruck”.

I’ll agree that their actions are dumb… ineffective…and most certainly tasteless. Dunno about “immoral” though. And like the animal rights morons who pour paint on fur coats…I don’t suspect that their actions really require automatic weapons as a response.

BTW, a similar thread is here…although the debate veered off into the “legality” of this kind of thing.

Gee, that’s a fucking brilliant idea. I still have nightmares, 11 years later, because my 3rd grade teacher thought it would be great to show us a ‘fire safety’ video that consisted entirely of gruesome images of horrible burns. You think something with the potential to do that to a kid is a good thing?

Daikona, do you think ‘Red Pavement’ should be shown to kids not much older than eleven in driver’s ed? I think going for realism is the best way to drill a message in for good. You might get nightmares, but will you ever play with fire?

Thanks, Revtim, that makes sense. I guess I hadn’t really considered the whole moral position of these people.

I don’t think it is a “big brush” - I never said that every pro-lifer kills doctors! But those who do are NUTTERS.

Anyway, I’m staying out of this discussion now. I dont think I can discuss it rationally.

Depends on the kids. Me, I’m a sensitive child (still. and I’m 20) a good “I’m disapointed in you.” is about the level of punishment that I ever deserved. (And I remember every one of those talks.)

If the child in question needs more powerful imagry, then its probably okay. It’d give me nightmares and would not be healthy for me. One of my sisters, however, needs to have concrete evidence of the concequences of her actions. Such an idea would be more useful for her.

Yes, but did you play with matches again?