Attacked by ne hijacker virus?(Mapdirectionspro)

About half an hour ago I looked for directions on MapQuest, when something similar took over my browser.

Apparently , this is so new, no removal tool exists yet.

Any ideas?

I have no suggestions, but Operating System, browser name, your anti-virus software name, ad-blocker information will go a long way in describing what may have gotten.

I see that there is a Chrome Plug-in by that name and probably other browsers too. So if you are using Chrome, look into directions about how to “remove browser extensions” as that will probably solve it given the little information you provided. (it also means that you clicked on something you shouldn’t have- so get a new ad-blocker).

Here’s a link with removal directions.

It doesn’t look overly painful. They recommend malwarebytes, but if you’re using something else try that when you reach that step.

It worked…its gone.