Attempted gardening in lockdown.

The SE Michigan weather this spring is a freakin tease :mad:

The weather started to look good really early, and for 99.9% of the weather since early April I could have really planted my crap outside. But every time Spring was solid and sunny, there was a possible freeze at the very end of the 10 day forecast that stops me from planting outside. So my poor Tomato plants and Pepper plants* have been inside and outside for like 6 weeks now. They are straining at the edges of the little growing pods, desperate for solid ground

No finally, freezes look past… and we are going to get hit with a heavy two day storm, which means about 3 more days inside. And them I’m sure something else will happen.

My peppers are also crap, because the Hatch chilies seeds I ordered never showed up, and the replacements just got here, which means there is very little chance they will turn into anything usefully fruit bearing by the end of pepper season. :frowning: I am going to start pots of those as well however, so I can have something to blister and freeze for winter. The ones that are actually growing, are a random mix of hybridized seeds that I have no idea what they are going to be in the end.

I got two of the four zucchini seeds I planted to sprout indoors just south of the border. They really were past their ability to manage indoors without at least repotting. I risked it last early last week. **So **I just replanted three seeds on the hill figuring by the time they sprout things should really be fine. Damned weather.

My cold tolerant stuff is kicking right along. I have a loose leaf lettuce I direct sowed in early April that is getting close to a first harvest. The radishes are close behind. I also have another radish variety that takes longer and produces a milder 4 inch diameter radish. They are fine too. I did use some clear plastic propped up a little in the middle as a cold house when they first sprouted. You can see the difference in the lettuce that was under the plastic and that at the end of the row and not covered. The hardy bastard all shrugged off even the snow we had since planting.

I have some sunflowers in the ground with the first just breaking soil yesterday. In the last two days I planted a bunch of yellow beans, carrots, a couple more radishes, and some spinach. If we get another frost at the end of the month I am going to be irate.

My Tomatoes made it thru the cold snap. 3 nights we covered them. Uncovered in the morning. I only lost one plant. But I’m thinking a grandkid stomped it. 50+ plants.
My peppers look good. I have a variety of them.

We’ve been eating greens and onions. Every thing else is up out of the ground.

The weeds are growing good as well :smack:
We weed daily.

West Coast MI here. Howdy!
Spring has sprung here…started out by planting sunflowers in the acreage next-door. Many of the plants I thought would wilt and say “good bye” are still around and thriving.

We have two very sturdy tomato starts that we’ve been babying along. The soil is still a bit chilly for transplanting, but soon. We have pole beans sprouting like mad in their temporary egg carton planters, as are the butternut squash seeds that we harvested from their mommy. The herb boxes on the back deck really took off during that short spate of hot days we had. I planted some spice seeds, but so far no signs of life. The wildflower seeds that I planted are all germinating, though. In the front yard, the peonies are ready to burst forth. We’re going to have a ton of them this year. The Asian Shinseki pear tree is covered with tiny fruit, and the few surviving strawberry plants are also loaded with green fruit.

The weather here in northeast Ohio is very similar. It should be practically summer by now. But we’ve yet to get two short-sleeves day in a row.