Attendance center? Agricultural high school? What's the deal with MS school designations?

I won’t get into the controversy surrounding gays and schools in Mississippi. However, the schools where two incidents recently took place both have unusual names, at last to my Yankee ears.

Wesson Attendance Center
Itawamba County Agricultural High School

What’s the deal with an “attendance center” and “agricultural high school?” Googling the terms, they’re both quite common for school names in Mississippi. I assume an “agricultural high school” is just a regular high school in a rural area, but I’m probably wrong. “Attendance center” sounds awful, like it’s a reform or alternative school, but apparently it’s a normal name for normal high schools in Mississippi. Wikipedia is silent on both terms.

I’m familiar with the following names that designate a high school:

[Name] High School: most public and private schools in US, whether public or private
[Name] Collegiate Institute: public and private high schools in Ontario, a few in the US
[Name] Secondary School: public high schools in Ontario
[Name] School: exclusive private school
[Name] Academy: exclusive private school
[Name] Day School: filthy old money private school

As I understand it, the “attendance center” concept is a different grouping of grades than the tradition elementary-middle-high school grouping. For example, attendance centers might be grouped K-2, 3-5, 6-7, 8-9 and 10-12.

And “agricultural high schools” are simply high schools that have a strong emphasis on agriculture-related studies in the curriculum. For example, a biology class might have a longer unit on plant physiology, extra-curricular activities might include a 4-H or FFA club, etc.