Attention Alanis: THIS is irony.

So I finally got new shoes to replace the old ones that caused me to badly and painfully bruise my toe. They feel terrific, but a funny thing happened just now. While walking down the outside stairs, I slipped and…twisted my knee.

No, I’m okay now, but when I felt that twinge, my heart stopped. See, I’m not used to walking on soles that have some grip to them; the old ones were worn almost smooth. And these new ones are snug on my feet, and have sturdier toes than the old ones ever did. All of which made me walk a bit awkwardly, and there you go. Added to which, the old ones were Payless cheapies and these are Skechers. I paid more for safety. And look what (almost) happened.

I bet a hundred years from now, Cecil will receive an email (or sub-space holo-transmission or whatever they’ll receive a hundred years from now) asking “Who is Alanis and how did alanis come to mean irony that is not irony?”

(And, yes, Cecil WILL be around a hundred years from now. Once DARPA perfects mind preservation technology, the greatest mind on earth will of course be the first to be preserved. :smiley: )


Ooops, I’ve said too much.

Never min

I bought a pair of shoes last fall that turned out to be uber-uncomfortable. They were digging into my heels so bad they were causing blisters. I couldn’t wait for them to get broken in so they’d be more comfortable.

Well, they broke in. They’r so broken in that the lining on the sole of one bunched up under the ball of my foot. It’s like walking on a rock.

I have always found it kind of ironic that the things listed in that song aren’t really ironic, but rather just bad luck or inconvenient.

A thousand years from now, SevenOfTeemingMillions, nay, ten times ten thousand years from now he will continue to make glad the heart of skepticism.