Attention all. Eurodopefest pics are now on line

Be there or be square. A BIG BIG thanks to the wonderful tatertot who has made this site and done a brilliant job.

It covers Copedope and the Dublin fests. There are a good few pics up but this will grow as we get more pics scanned and posted.

An added bonus is a great pic of tinytot who obviously has been brought up to respect the finest beverage in the world :wink: Tinytot

Enjoy all.

BTW tater have you mailed Shayna/Techchick to get this great site on the people pages?

Kickass yojimbo. I can’t look at them right now, cause I’m on a crappy 14.4 connection, and I’m an impatient bastard. But, when I get back home, I’ll be sure to have a look see.

I’ve got one more page up, plus the notes from Tart w/Cart. Warning: The notes take forever to load, I’m going to fix that tonight.


And a huge thank you to the Trions for taking the trouble to send me the pictures. They rock!

And, Yoji, I did e-mail Shayna, haven’t heard back yet, but I’m sure she’s busy with work, life, ect.

“Arthur Guinness invented the one drink that neutralises Tabasco.”

These notes are hilarious!

The notes bring back a lot of good memories. :smiley:

What a great wkend.

Well Coldie, I still think that “The stuff fish fuck in” sounds eerily like “fist fucking”. Izzy also thought that’s what you had said. Blame it on Canadian ears. We only hear what we want to hear. :smiley:

All the pictures I have are now up. I’m just going to sit here and wait and wait and wait for the rest. :wink:

If any Euro-Dopers have pictures they want to put up for the Misc. Pictures page, e-mail them to me. Also, if I spelled anything wrong, ect. please let me know & I’ll fix it.

Ooooh, Ooooh, Ooooh, if anyone has any snappy captions they’d like to put under the pictures, by all means send them to me. I feel like my captions lack pizazz. :frowning:

oh. my. god.

How drunk was I? Believe me, the picture where I looked drunk, I was actually sober. All the rest of them, I was drunk.

I hang my head in shame…


Nice work tater. The page looks great. One question - didn’t anyone take any pictures after Mrs. Trion and I left?

The notes . . . .


Dear God in heaven those are fucking hilarious!

Dublin - so that’s where I was…

Cool page, tater - excellent work. Although I distinctly seem to recall us being outside the pubs as well - did noone photograph us there ? Must have been alcohol-induced false memories or something.

See you!

S. Norman

Wow! I’m jealous I couldn’t go now… :frowning:

And DAMN, Twisty, yoji, and Coldy are hot. Oh ClogBoy…wanna be my bitch? :wink:

Now I know why I’ve made it a practice of throwing away everything I write when I’m drunk. I just want to know where the really juicy notes are.

Damn, that looks like fun. I wanna go to a EuroDopeFest. Pretty Please? Hmm, I think I’m going to be in London in April, maybe Scotland as well…

Oh, and I’ll echo what Falcon said. Yummy. :smiley:

Sorry, Falc, between me, Globey & Izzy, we’ve claimed all the DubDope men as our bitches. :wink:

Oooh, I just got some more pictures from Globey, I’ll put them up tonight. And, I fixed the notes so they don’t take so goshdarn long to load.

You furriners are WAY too good-looking; ya make us Yanks look like something the cat left on the stairs . . .

Well, tater, can I just rent one out from time to time? :wink: Please?

And Coldy? I am hereby ordering you to get a better picture of yourself up on the SDPP. I had NO idea what a true hottie you were!!!

Thanks a lot Eve.

I’ll have to agree with Eve on this one (but don’t I always agree with her?) Once again the photographs show that the intelligence found in SDMB posters is accompanied by rugged good looks. The EuroDopers do honour to our community.