Attention Palestinians, Enough Is Enough

The Palestinians are simply sore losers. They had their chance to share the land of Palestine (once Britain pulled out) with the Israelis, or not split it. It was an all-or-nothing decision. They stubbornly chose nothing! And, what about their so-called Arab brothers? They could give them a piece of land somewhere, if they really cared. But, you see, that’s just it! Aye, that’s the rub, McDuff! The Arab brothers don’t care, and they really don’t want the Palestinians to have thier own State!

A-ha! What about them apples? Amen! - Jinx

Jinx, is this just meant to be a parody of McDuff’s Attention Israel: Enough is Enough. thread? Or are you really wanting a debate on this OP?

Jinx, if your point is that Palestinian Suicide Bombers should

a) stop the bombings and the attacks, and

b) stop monopolising the politics in Palestine for their own personal gain,

then I am afraid I am going to have to wholeheartedly agree with you 100%.

Sorry about that.

McDuff, I am sorry if I misunderstood your thread…
I agree that, really, both sides must recognize the need to say “enough is enough”. As hard as it may be, they need to forget who killed who killed who…all the way back. They need the wisdom of Robert E. Lee to stop the fighting and let the healing process begin.

They have taken eye for an eye to the literal extreme. It’s time they learn to live together. I know the Palestinians end up on the short end of the stick, but maybe they should tell their Arab brothers to “roll over, and share the blankets, bro!” They need to start testing how far that Arabic brotherly love goes…put their oil where their mouth is, er um, so to speak!

How paradoxical it is to hate Israel when it is their very own wealthy Arab brothers they should be hating! - Jinx

Maybe the trick is that they shouldn’t be hating anyone?

Or maybe we need to work towards everyone being able to hate each other, but let them argue about it in bars or government agencies, rather than blow the shit out of each other? I mean, hell, if there’s one reason I support the EU, it’s that “it’s always better to solve problems by inefficient committee than by killing people.”

Guess there’s not so much for us to disagree on in these threads now, mate.

Jinx for President!

Suppose you were an impoverished baker in small village and with your last bit of flour you bake a loaf of bread. Then I walk in and say, “The previous owner of this shop went out of business owing me aloaf of bread. Give me that one.”

Nothin doing, you say. Not your responsibility. But I bring in a local magistrate–who happens to be a friend of mine–and he cuts the loaf in two and gives half to each of us. Well, this doesn’t sit well with you–after all what’s mine is mine–so when he leaves you leap at me to try to get the other half back. But in the struggle, Iu manage to get ahold of both halves and now you’ve got nothing! Now you’re really pissed so you continue to bite and scratch, and although you’re getting some licks in, you’re pretty much getting beaten bloody. You’re having a pretty bad day since I came along, aren’t you?

Eventually you start to think that accepting half the loaf beats the present situation, but by now I’m only offering you half of your half in exchange for stopping the fighting. So I get 3/4 and you only get 1/4. Are you going to accept that as fair?

Heck, no—I’d go out and blow up a busload of schoolchildren! That would make things all better.

squeelsand Eve
Actually, the two of your posts combined have been the best summarization of the P-I conflict I have seen in years.

Eve, I agree with your evident disgust at the horrors imposed on the Israeli people by terrorists. And I abhor terrorism.

I also agree with the sentiments expressed in the OP that Palestinian terrorism should stop. I wonder how you view my take on terrorism in that thread - just my theory on it - that might explain why there are so many anti-Israeli threads, and not so many anti-Palestinian ones?

Oh, goodness, does that mean I’m going to have to go back and read it and pay attention, and think?

Gonna need some more coffee for that . . .

Well, going back and reading, I agree with some of what you said, and not some other stuff.

It pretty much boils down to “aren’t people awful?” which I fully agree with.

If you keep going thru this line of reasoning you’ll end up with only 1/8 of your original bread.

Acceptance is key here. Its not about fairness anymore. Its now about not losing more. Take the 1/4 peice of bread (its hard and crusty anyway) ask the guy with the 3/4 bread for an advance on more bread, buy flour and make more bread. Get more customers. Move on.

X-slayer, the majority of Palestinians do accept the 1967 and so does their leadership.

It is possible for historic enemies to reconcile - usually when most people on both sides have a vested interest in such reconciliation and have reconciled themselves to the idea that they can’t “WIN”.

Unfortunately, it isn’t just an Israeli/Palestinian problem, is it? It’s an Israeli/Arab problem with “Israel” being a wonderful cul-de-sac for political resentments within so many Arab countries - rather like anti-Semitism was such a useful tool for deflecting peasant discontent in Eastern Europe.

Bolding added.
It is my understanding that early zionists purchased land. Im hoping to soon get around to reading “A History of Israel: From the Rise of Zionism to Our Time” by Howard M. Sachar to further educate myself