Attention PhotoShop Mavens... help?

I have an old version of PS (8.0) that I use on a regular basis. Yesterday I was ‘cleaning up’ my very old Mac (deleting old files, etc) now today PS is acting wonky. Specifically it wont open screen captures. I go to File>Open and select the image. When I click “Open” I get this box:

which has never come up before. When I click ‘open’, I get this:

NOT my screen capture.

I have “enable” set to ‘all documents’. Its never given me any issues before. Someone tell me the cat walked on my keyboard and there’s an easy fix for this.

What format is the screen capture?
Photoshop doesn’t understand the format, so it is trying “RAW.”

Do a Get-Info on the screen capture and see what format it actually is.

Do you have an older screen capture that you can try?

I’ll check when I get home but regardless it’s been recognizing basic screen captures for about 12 years. In other words I’m not doing anything different. The change seems to be in PS.

I’ll see if I can find an older one that it’s opened before. I mentioned that I cleaned out my computer yesterday but I also remember the cat walking on my keyboard while I was working.

Right - the cat may have changed the format of the screen capture.
What OS is this?

Thanks beowulff, I suspect it was a cat thing. But your post prompted me to check the file on the image. I was able to do a work around by changing the file name. It’s a hassle but I can make it work. So thanks for the prompt.

As for my OS, it’s old. Don’t know it off the top of my head but the iMac is about 16 years old.

I sure hope you have good backups.
16 years is way past the expected lifespan of a hard drive.