Attention Pittsburgh Area Dopers and Other Smart Alecs

Next weekend (Labor Day) is the Western Pennsylvania Mensa Regional Gathering (RG, “o” and “y” omitted when spelling). Since I got conned into being Program Chair for this thing, I figure that gives me the right to let whoever I choose know about it. This means you. I’ve never been to a DopeFest, but I figure this must be pretty close – good conversation, bad puns, people who think intelligence is sexy, but at this one, the food is real, including the chocolate (heck, this year, we’ve got chocolate on the program. It’s messy, but fun). This site has photos from last year’s Columbus RG. If you’re interested, send me an e-mail and I’ll get you more information.

Quite frankly, I’d like to meet some of you people. (Yes, Cajun Man, I realize I’m doing so at my own risk. On the other hand, it will be on my home turf).


Okay, I’ve pored over that for a few minutes, and I still don’t understand the highlighted phrase. RG means Regional Gathering, I got that. But what “o” and “y” are omitted? There’s no “y” in Regional Gathering. Are they omitted from “Labor Day”, changing it to “Labr Da”? If so, what’s that about? There’s no “o” in “Western Pennsylvania Mensa”…

Guess this is why I’m not in Mensa.

As pronounced, an RG has been compared to an oRGy. I thought this was a joke, at first, but there do seem to be a few points of similarity.


“o”, I see.