Attention UK dopers! The chopper is back!

Do you remember the 70’s? It wasn’t just bad haircuts and flares. It was the time of the most iconic bicycle ever to be built in Nottingham.

Now, it’s back :cool:

So, who’s going to buy one? Or is your old one still rusting in the shed? Tell us about what you did with your Chopper when you were a kid. We (alright, I) need to know.

On the NADS board yojimbo tells us that they’ve moved the gear stick off the frame, so at least there’ll be fewer genital injuries this time around. Still a crap bike though. I never had one and never wanted one.

I want one.

I think I still got my original one. It may well be still hung up in his garage.

Sadly, it was superceded by the Raleigh SuperBurner I bought 3rd hand for £35. They were supposed to be gold, but mine was silver. It rocked.

More money from nostalgia. Maybe Choppers should come with a School Disco CD for added bollocks.