Attention Western Canadian Dopers!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay now that I have your attention!

I just wanted to say THANKS! for the great time I had in British Columbia and Vancouver last weekend. Your country is so beautiful… it reminded me of home but not as dry. The people we met were very friendly and extremely helpful in giving directions and answering questions.

I loved Vancouver area, the city is too big for my taste, but to be so close to both the mountains AND the ocean! I swoon! The Aquarium was great… even if I had visions of hot butter ever time I saw shrimp or crab:eek:

We got lost a couple times while trying to sort out the highway numbering and sign system, but lost only means we saw places the average tourist doesn’t see! On the whole it was an extremely enjoyable time and I can’t wait to go back.


You’re welcome.
But seriously-- you think Vancouver is a big city. And not only that, but too big. :eek:

Man, I still think Vancouver is just a bloated suburb, even after living here for five years… Great place, it’s just not a real city yet.

On the other hand:

What, you were in town and you didn’t drop by for coffee? I’m deeply wounded.

Seriously, glad that you enjoyed your visit. It’s nice to be reminded of the beauty of some of the things that we tend to take for granted. It’s a bright day today, I think I’ll go for a stroll along the seawall by Stanley Park – thanks for reminding me it’s there.

I think today I’ll bring a floral tribute to leave at the statue of Amor De Cosmos, (nee Bill Smith,) my favourite premier of British Columbia. Ah, to live in the 19[sup]tm[/sup] century, when politicians’ lunacy manifested itself in charming, non-threatening ways, like arranging government policy according to advice received from benevolent celestial beings’ telepathic communiques.

As for Vancouver being “too big” of a city… …where d’ya live, out of curiousity? It’s a good thing you didn’t go to Toronto, which comes much closer to being a big city, and where the citizens apparently pride themselves on being as rude as possible to those foolish enough to ask a stranger for directions. (Don’t get me wrong, I like Toronto, but if you visit… …buy a map. ;))

Next time, do yourself a favour, and visit Victoria. – And there are plenty of great places to hike or camp on Vancouver Island, if that’s your bag.

I am in Utah… little north of Salt Lake City ( no I am NOT a mormon). This area is getting a large influx of California refugees and to my taste rapidly becoming to crowded. Maybe it just seemed big because it took forever to get out of town to 99a. I think I must have pick the most meandering route possible! And I know it doubled back at least once… I was eyeing the small towns of southern BC and Northern Washington with pleasure. Maybe up there I could stand to commute when I have so much wonderful scenery to look at. And bridges! OH be still my heart! I could go in and out of Vancouver all day, back and forth on bridges… ermm yeah I am easily amused. Someday I will be there at sunset and shoot a ton of film! I wish we had had more time… but now that I know the way there I will be back…

I want to go whale watching ya know… and there was a bookstore on E. Hastings I couldn’t get into coz it was closed…

Yeah, the Lion’s Gate bridge is a thing of beauty, to be sure.

You were on East Hastings?

Merciful christ, you’re a brave visitor. There are some good bookstores down there though. And of course, Blunt Bros is a good “draw” for our American cousins. :cool:

Or it might have been W. Hastings… I told you I was a bit turned around:D
But we got lost at first and decided when we were halfway to Whistler that we must have missed our goal by a couple kilometers… then a couple more kilometers before we found a place on the sea road wide enough to turn around…

Anyway I happened to turn onto Hastings and found a Best Western complete with jacuzzi! There was no moving me at that point… Thank Heavens for Chinese restaurants that deliver!