Attention Woody Allen/jazz music fans

The Woody Allen movie “Sleeper” has such an awesome soundtrack, but I don’t know jazz music all that well and can’t identify the songs. Can’t find a listing anywhere, either. Can anyone tell me the names of any of the songs played in the film? Thanks!

I believe Woody actually composed the music himself and it was performed by the Preservation Hall Jazz Band.

This is from hazy memory so if anyone knows for sure feel free to jump in.


The IMDb entry for Sleeper says “Original Music by Woody Allen”, confirming what Hodge said. But it gives no other information about the music. My WAG is that if the individual pieces had names, they would simply be named for the scenes they were used in.

I was wondering what happened to my evil twin. Turns out he’s named JeremyCB. Whaddya know?

I very nearly made this exact same post a few weeks ago, but did not because my research led me to believe a soundtrack for this film does not exist.

Pity, because it was fantastic. Woody Allen is very proud of his musicianship, and I have a vague hope that he will get wind of our desire here and put out a Sleeper CD.

I just did a websearch and halfway down the page in the following interview is the most interesting thing I found about the soundtrack for Sleeper.

Woody Allen says:

> I went to New Orleans and played with the Preservation
> Hall Jazz Band. And we brought home all the tracks and
> put them in. And–correctly–the New Orleans band, the
> authentic ones, play at slower tempos. And these slower
> tempos were killing us. So I was only able to use a few
> songs I recorded in New Orleans. I had to record with my
> own band in New York, from Michael’s Pub, to get some of
> those same songs but at rousing tempos, because otherwise
> the scenes were dying.