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“Flirtin’ With Disaster” was not the only song Molly Hatchet recorded. They’re still around too… . Satan probably re-signed them.

It’s a long way to heaven, but only three short steps to hell.

Anyway, any other songs you can think of that fit into this category?

I’m not sure what exactly the category is.

And the real question is…?

Actually, yes, Molly Hatchet is on CMC, though I did not sign them personally, I was somewhat responsible for the airplay of a couple songs off the record they put out.

A few stations DO play other Molly Hatchet songs. But they, like a lot of other classic rock bands, do get a majority of their airplay from one song.

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I just heard “Gator Country” on the Atlanta classic rock station a few days ago. Other MH songs still get some airplay here. Now, if someone would just get Mother’s Finest back on the air…

Didn’t Molly Hatchett do a really good remake of the Allman Brother’s “Dreams I’m Never Gonna See?” I seem to remember hearing that song a lot during the heyday of Molly Hatchett.

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