Attn: jb_farley! Yes I have a penis... or Bear's secrets revealed

jb_farley asked this question in GD. Instead of hijacking that thread I decided to just bring it over here. Besides, there may be more people who are confused about my sex organs. I do not want to be the “PAT” of the SDMB :slight_smile:

ANSWER: I am a male! I am 21 years old and I live in Tampa by Michi!

Here is a picture of me: It sucks… I really did not want to have my picture taken, but I did not want to be rude. But I really looked like shit.

Also, this would be a good time to clear up any other confusions or satisfy any curiousities you may have about me. If there is anything you are dying to know, this is the thread to ask it in!

jb_farley, Three questions to you:
What thread did you read where it said I was a girl?
Who is Stephen Rea?

So ask away folks!

Stephen Rea Starred in Neil Jordans The Crying Game, you know the one where the chick has a schlong but you dont find out until halfway through?

so, if you dont want to be the pat, would that make you an Expat? :wink:

so saith SuaSponte in this thread.

come to think of it, you also tend to bespeak your own hairiness. Thank GOD you are not a lady (if you were, everyone would assume you are european)


John Barleycorn

Why does my MPSIMS screen say this post was started by BeAr_NeNnO, and the first post says (correctly) Bear_Nenno? Is the board goofy or is someone playing around?

I gotta say… Michi is a cutie.

divemaster: The name shows up on the main board however Bear typed it when he signed on, but it shows up on the post the way he typed it when the registered. You’ll notice alot of Fannie May’s posts are started by a fANNIE mAY, presumably because she left the capslock key on without realizing it.

John Barleycorn… now where do I recognize that name from…? Green Mile?


Mine looks the same and I’ve seen it before with Bear’s name as the thread stater .

I have a question for you, Bear. Why do you make 90-degree right angle turns when you drive? I mean, when you pulled out of the restaurant, turned left to get to Michi’s office and then turned left again to go in, all 3 times you sort of drove straight and then seemed to turn the wheel very abruptly like you were trying to go around the edge of a square or something. Just curious; something I noticed and have been meaning to ask you for a while.

Someone is playing around… ME :smiley:

Wow you noticed that? You are very perceptive. But it was really more of a short, 45 degree maneuver towards the apex of the curve… errr something. It comes from the Pursuit Driving and Emergency Vehicle Operationstraining in the academy. Teaches things like brake only in a straight line (never while turning), steer to the APEX of the turn (outside, inside, outside for a RIGHT ANGLE, or NEUTRAL APEX)shuffle hand steer (do not cross your hands over)… yada, yada, yada. I am just used to it by now I guess.
It is actually good for regular driving… never been in an accident yet.

SHIT! Is it too late to add the [/B} after “Operations” in my previous post??

No shit man!!! Now I’m doubly sorry she wouldn’t marry me! :slight_smile:

Whammo, you have that illegal cable, right?