ATTN: Missing Books!!

Have you ever read a book or read a review of a book and then for got the author and title and the book?

I watched a kid’s show that reviewed a book about some kids, a tesseract and a big throbbing brain. I missed the title and author but wanted to read the book. It was Madeline L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time, as I learned years later.

I once read a thick novel about a woman from a sugar plantation who went to England to get a husband and married a man to be executed that day so she could return a widow. She went home and he (of course) allowed to live as an indentured servant and sold to the very plantation she was from. His name was Beechamp or Beauchamp and he was actually a son of a wealthy colonist and had been wrongly convicted. He worked his way up on the plantation until the father asked his daughter to marry they guy to keep him around after his term of service. There were pirates as well in there somewhere. I think the title started with Sh and i really want this book. My mother traded it at a paperback exchange. The book was quite thick and had a dark green patterned cover. This book was last seen in 1982.

I also reas a book about two lovers that conversed about Opera specifically Carmine and Harlequin and then met in real life but did not know they were the same ppl. He hired her as a suitable escort. The details that stick in my mind are one point she wore odd shoes to annoy him and a party at the end of the season called the Blanch Nuit where everyone wore white and he did not want her to go to it. This book was last seen in 1988.

If you think you have seen these books let me know. Any information would be appreciated. Also use this thread to report your own missing books.

That happens to me all the time. Wish there was a website like IMDB where you could search using a character name, or a plot. Would help ya if I could, lee.

My current Missing Book is one that has been creeping into my mind gradually in the past few days. I cannot recall the plot at this moment, just a few of the character names (Carlin Napier, Hernando Dundee, Felicia something, Phoebe?) and that it was set in sometime in the 1800s. I don’t even remember whether I liked it or not, but it’s just bugging me that I can’t remember…

the title of the book is Shanya (I think that’s how it’s spelled anyway), and the author is Katherine Woodwies…

I have the book at home, and will check the spelling and get the ISBN number for you if you want.

Thank you!!

I think it is Shanna by Kathleen Woodiwiss. I used the name you gave me and stumbled onto that answer. I am going to order it and find out for sure!

My missing book is a children’s/young adult book that I read when I was about eight. My brother also read it, but he has even less memory of it than I do, even though we both loved it at the time. I think it might have been one of a series. My copy of this book was not new (dating from the 60s, maybe), so this book may be long gone into the ether of out-of-print.

The story was about three children, two boys and a girl, and for some reason they were left home alone for a lengthy period of time around Christmastime. They were depicted going to buy the Christmas tree, etc. The youngest child was a boy with a nickname like “Toad” or something like that, and he had a habit of getting the words to Christmas carols really wrong. If I remember right, there were several characters with humorous names. The ending consisted of the parents/family/friends all coming home at once and hilarity ensuing. I think there may have been a cooking contest involved somewhere in the plot.

I can even remember what the dust jacket looked like, it was the three children looking at a rack of magazines or books or cards or something.

I have wanted to try to track down a copy to give my brother and I can’t even come close to remembering the name or author. Of course, I may be conflating two different books, but maybe this will ring a bell with somebody?

My book isn’t missing from my brain. I just can’t find a copy. The book is Drive, He Said, I can’t remember the author though. It’s been out of print for a while. If anyone can find a copy, I’d be eternally grateful!

I assume the Drive, He Said you mentioned is a is a mid-sixties by Jeremy Larner. The used book search engine at lists a bunch of available copies.

Another good place to search is, my favourite bookstore, online or off.

They advertise “over one million volumes in stock”.

Two books are always peeking around the back of my head, and I can’t remember QUITE what they are called … they are both “young adult” books I read when I was about 10 or 12.

Book #1, “…Attic… or Something” Main character, a young girl named Maggie who goes to live with her aunt and uncle (I think) in a great big mansion, finds these two dolls in the attic who come to life and talk to her and stuff. The dolls are named Johnathan and Christabel. There is also a lot of talk about the wallpaper in the attic, which has roses growing on it. Weird I know but I ate it up!

Book #2 I have NO clue what the title is, but the whole book was kind of a puzzle/play on words type of thing. In the beginning of the book someone dies and he is drowning (?) so only some of his words are audible, the rest of the book is about figuring out the clues of what he was saying. There was a character named Miss Carrilon and another called Augie Kunkel. There were also some young twins or something? It was a very funny and silly book.

Anyone got any ideas?

1)Sounds like Flowers in the Attic, though I never read it and don’t know who wrote it.

2)Definitely The Mysterious Disappearance of Leon (I Mean Noel) by Ellen Raskin. Taught me tons about grammar and sentence structure. It’s one of those hidden-agenda books, like Phantom Tollbooth, but like PT, enormously entertaining.

Now can anyone help me with this book, about which I’ve posted before? Four children, ages 12, almost-10, 9 and 7, are staying with aunt and uncle in a country inn in the middle of nowhere, while their parents’ divorce goes through. Oldest kid finds a friend who supposedly lives secretly, with his parents, in the tower of the inn. Oldest kid gets caught up in this secret life, while the next oldest becomes more and more alienated from everyone. Eventually it turns out there was no tower and no family. Anyone? Bueller?

Actually Rilchiam thats a VC Andrews book… the one she is thinking of is Behind The Attic Wall by Sylvia Cassedy… the child is an orphan and goes to a home (I can’t remember whos) and she discovers a secret room behind the wall in the attic with the dolls who really talk and they become her friends and stuff… At first I couldn’t remember who it was by but I searched the library website grins I know I have that book somewhere actually but I seem to have misplaced it (or maybe I gave it away… I don’t know)

The others I don’t recognize myself and I don’t have any books I need help finding right now… if I do I’ll return!

Thank you!!

I think it is Shanna by Kathleen Woodiwiss. I used the name you gave me and stumbled onto that answer. I am going to order it and find out for sure! **

That’s it… I have terrible spelling skills… but I knew I had that book at home :slight_smile:


I am looking for a book i read in 6th grade. I remember very little but i know for sure that:

  1. it was a sci-fi
  2. the people rode around on reptiles

I thought it was the tommorrow people, but i searched for it and i don’t think that’s it. If anyone has a clue I would appreciate it. Thanks!

Rilchiam you * rock *! As soon as I read that title I knew that was the one. Damn that was a great book. I loved the Phantom Toolbooth too, I reread that one occasionally. Sorry, but the one you’re asking about doesn’t sound even vaguely familiar.

TopazAntares, thank you so much for naming the other one too! That was a good book, although a little weird. I can’t believe you guys figured it out, you have made my day.