Attractiveness in TV/movies

The same reason I want Sandra Oh in Killing Eve to be physically attractive is the same reason I want Harrison Ford to look good in the first three Indiana Jones movies. That’s one reason why Crystal Skull failed is because he was too old.

You want Indiana Jones to look agile, rugged and debonair. You don’t want him to look ordinary.

The same reason I want the leads in Killing Eve to be attractive.

It’s supposed to be entertainment. I’m not watching it to see the lead female characters be ordinary or unattractive.

For a Sundial you dont seem to know what time it is.

Yes I know what time it is. You think Pewdiepie has over 100 million subscribers on Youtube based solely on the videos he makes and not his looks?

Does anybody really know what time it is?

Sundial, you sound like you’re speaking out of ignorance. If you really don’t like the looks of Sandra Oh you don’t have to watch the things she’s in. Nobody’s forcing you.

Your threads would have had more success in The Pit. I will say that nine times out of ten charisma beats sheer beauty.

It’s Hammer time.

One thing I love about British TV (at least the few shows I’ve seen) is that the actors often look like real people, not models.

I agree. I cant see any American network making an Inspector Lewis or Foyles War.

There’s gonna be time enough to cry.

While I get your point, Foyles War co-starring Honeysuckle Weeks is a bad example for your point.

Her sister is even better. :slight_smile: She is the new Higgins in the new Magnum PI.

Just because I’m helpful like that I’m going to say this one time slowly for the OP–look, your preferences in attractiveness are NOT universal. I would say, sight unseen, that I’d rather have sex with Sandra Oh than with you any day and twice on Sundays, and I’m a woman but not actually gay.

There’s places on the internet [so I’m told] where you can pay people that you find attractive to perform things specifically for you. I’ll bet that if you asked, and then paid, they’d even act out something like Hot Lady Spy meets Rugged Ethically-unconstrained Archaeologist, maybe delivering a pizza or cleaning her pool. It would be a kind of cross-over; that’s probably what that intersectionality means that all the young kids are talking about.

I encourage you to live out your fantasies like this because you might also find that your definition of eye candy is not what makes Indiana Jones or Killing Eve watchable.

I find it very funny that anyone thinks Harrison Ford’s age is the reason the 4th Indiana Jones movie failed, as though, if he’d been 20 years younger, that script would have magically been tolerable.

Also, I would say, sight unseen, that I’d have sex with Harrison Ford at any age before I’d have sex with the OP.

I just wanted to get in on this thread before it’s locked just like the OP’s first try from two hours earlier.

BTW, meet the guy who was married Sandra Oh.

Exactly. That script was a hot pile of garbage. Not one time while watching that mess did I ever think to myself “this would be great if Harrison Ford wasn’t so old”

Generally, leading characters are attractive. People may not like to admit it but they are. Lots of leading men and women are eye candy because it draws in the audience. The Avengers is basically a supermodel team with magical powers. The James Bond actors tended to be good looking.

Having said that, the idea that a leading character ‘has’ to be good looking isn’t true either.

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