Aubrey/Maturin, Surgeon's Mate, Hope Diamond?

I’m reading the Aubrey/Maturing series in order, and I’ve just finished #7 – The Surgeon’s Mate.

Is the diamond in Diana Villiers’ possession the Hope Diamond? She acquired it in India; there’s a reference in the book to “Golconda”, which is the mine where the diamond was found; it’s described as huge, and blue (which also describes the Hope Diamond).

If this is made clear in later books, fine – let me know now.

(btw…in the course of reading, I was wondering what the title referred to–there are no surgeon’s mates in the story, at least in the sense of “surgeon’s assistant.” A few days after finishing, I had a :smack: moment…)

Considering where the diamond ends up, toward the end of the series, no. The Hope diamond is in the Smithsonian now.

Yeah, me too. Glad I’m not the slowest person on the planet. :smiley:

Well, that’s disappointing. I thought I was being so clever.