Audacity software oddity question

Hey all,

Recently I’ve been playing with the recording software ‘Audacity’, and I have to say, for the most part I like it. For whatever reason, however, of late many of my recordings suddenly become very, very quiet (or perhaps nonexistant, hard to tell) on the bass line. I’ve tried equalizing it, but it still just sounds tinny. Looking up ‘tinny’ on their wiki didn’t help it all, nor did their faqs. Any advice out there, or similar experiences?


Okay, now the weirdness begins… After 8 months, I’ve dragged out Audacity again to try to record some stuff from YouTube… And now the exact opposite is going on from the OP. Everything I record sounds like I’m listening to it through a wall. It’s all hiss and bass, no treble at all. I’ve tried noise reduction and turning down the bass to no avail. Can someone who uses, or has experience with, this program give me some sort-of insight on how to fix this?

I love audacity!

Which file format are you using to save your recordings? I mostly use this program to convert my MIDI compositions to mp3s so I can inflict them on people on a truly global scale. I have to grab the signal as it’s going out to the speakers, cos I’m low-tech in that regard. I find that when I am exporting a project as an mp3, I have problems with the sound quality (mild to severe) unless I use a bitrate of 128. It’s in the preferences; but you probably already thought of that.

There is also a program which will directly download videos from YouTube with sound of course; PM me if you want to know what & where.