Audio clip - fair use?

I would like to post a query in CS asking for recommendations on music. But the principal example I would like to use is Japanese and there’s no YouTube or similar clip anywhere to be found where I can offload any copyright blame, and it’s doubtful that any members would recognize it.

By “fair use” would a partial clip, just long enough to give a sample of what sort of thing the song sounds like, but not a complete song in and of itself, be acceptable?

Of course it would be fine. Just don’t do the entire song.

We appreciate you being considerate enough to ask in advance; it’s always better to ask permission than to beg forgiveness. :slight_smile:

Even if he brings chocolate with the begging? :eek:

All this talk of chocolate and I never see any, ya big teases.

(I’m out of scotch too.)

I have a bagful of miniature reesus peanut butter cups…

But they’re all mine! Mine I tell ya! shakes a pointy stick at the advancing horde

How do you feel about a nice box of See’s Candies? :wink:

And perhaps some Dalwhinnie?

::: sigh :::