audio codec problem

I have a small problem with the mpegs i recently got. They say that my audio codecs needs upgrading. but i have no idea what to upgrade or where to get one. plsplspls can anyone help out

Well, it would help if you identify your system. Are you using Linux, MacOS, Windows? Which version of it? What’s the program you’re trying to use to view the MPEG’s?


What program are you trying to play them with? Is there a specific codec being asked for? Are these mpegs publically accessible for empirical research?

I had a similar problem with movies having no sound. Try downloading the Nimo Codec Pack. Just go to google and type nimo codec to find it. My problem was with divx so i don’t know if this will help you or not, but it’s worth a try at least. Download the lite version and see if that takes care of your problem. There’s also some divx related info at

if you feel like digging through forums. Hope that helps.

PS I was using windows xp and windows media player with divx 5.11