Audio/Computer question

I’m burning some old records onto CD. My problem is, I have no preamp, so I’m running a line right out of my receiver into my PC. The sound levels are too high. Is there anything on my computer that I can use to decrease the levels before recording and burning? I have MusicMatch and there is no such feature on it.

It’s hard to tell what the problem is without knowing what outputs you’re using on your receiver. Are you using tape/line outs? Is the volume level on your receiver (if it makes a difference) too high?

You could try double clicking the little volume control button on the task bar (it looks like a speaker with three lines coming out of.) and mess with the settings there. Mine has a volume control for the mic and line-in anyway.

To elaborate on Henry’s answer:

Double-click the speaker icon. Go to Options–>Properties. In the “Adjust Volume For” box, click the “Recording” radio button then click OK. You’ll see slider buttons for adjusting the volume level for CD-Audio, Line-In, etc.


Just take a different output from your receiver. Most receivers have a “line out” or “tape out” connector that has the proper levels. It sounds like you’re recording from the headphone jack.
Note that if you’re recording old vinyl albums, you MUST use a preamp that supplies “RIAA EQ” for the record. Vinyl albums are recorded with a certain equalization, and the preamp restores the EQ to proper levels. I believe the Line Out is correct but Tape Out doesn’t supply the EQ. Or perhaps vice versa.

Anyway, good luck with burning your records.