Audiobooks you own?

Which audiobooks do you own?

These are what I have:

–The Ramona series by Beverly Cleary (Stockard Channing performs; six of them are in three two-packs; Ramona and Her Mother and Ramona’s World are owned singly)
All The President’s Men by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein (Richard Poe performs)
Always By My Side by Jim Nantz (who also reads it; this one is abridged)

I own quite a few of Alan Furst’s espionage novels read by George Guidall. They are wonderful.

I also own quite a few novels read by John Lee. Excellent.

I have a huge collection, on audiotape and on CDs (I don’t have any MP3s, except my own) Where to begin? I wish there were more classics and more classic SF on audio than there are

Lots of Nero Wolfe
Lots of Sherlock Holmes’Several Rumpole of the Bailey
The Maltese Falcon
SF (all unabridged):

Stranger in a Strange Land
Starship Troopers
Rocketship Galileo
The Lion of Comarre and other SF (Arthur C.Clarke)
The BBC Science Fiction Audio collection
Several Edgar Rice Burroughs novels
Some Dune novels
Brave New World

The Iliad (abridged, sadly, but it’s Derek Jacobi reading Fagels’ translation)
The Ofyssey
The Argonautica
Le Morte d’Arthur
Tales from the Arabian Nights
Several Mark Twain works
The Inferno
The Prince

Several Books of the Bible
The Tao te Ching
The Book of J

…and that barely scratches the surface. I’ve got several history books, books on language, The Hero with a Thousand Faces, books by James Burke, and plenty of other random stuff.

I thought that Stockard did a very good job on the Ramonas, especially in Ramona’s World.

Not a one. I have an old radio miniseries (“Ruby”) on tape that I was given by a company I did a catalog of audiobooks for. Like video is now, I never got into audio for informational purposes. I process written material so much faster than either I can’t even enjoy having a book read at me.