Audrey Hepburn

I’m watching Roman Holiday on the DVR. Dang, Audrey Hepburn was cute, all soaking wet after the fight at the dance.

When I was about 18 I saw *Roman Holiday *for the first time and fell in love with her. Of course as I was 18 in 1984 the age difference was rather extreme. :smiley:

That is still one of my favorite movies and she never looked cuter in my opinion. That is to say no one ever loked cuter as she is my all time favorite actress.

She was always cute and she was sexy (see *Breakfast at Tiffany’s *or Paris - When It Sizzles as my cite). She could dance and she could actually sing and it is a great shame they used someone else in *My Fair Lady *as I prefer Audrey’s voice to Marni Nixon. She could also act which was well proved by The Children’s Hour, The Nun’s Story & *Wait Until Dark *if her lighter stuff did not prove it already.

She could even return to movies after 9 years off to play an older mature but still beautiful Maid Marion in “Robin and Marian” when she was 46. This movie was great and she was great.


There are a lot of great photos of her here. I really like the shots taken by her husband Mel Ferrer. Gee she looks good though in all of them.

With most movie stars, I kind of take their screen image at face value and don’t much know or care about who they really are.

Random examples: I’m perfectly happy to watch Russell Crowe or Val Kilmer in a movie, as I think they’re great actors; in real life, I’m sure I’d be equally happy to tell either one to piss off as by all accounts they frequently come across as real jerks to the people around them.

But Audrey, Audrey . . . sigh . . . I’d wonder what she was really like, and if I’d been the right age, I would have hoped I might meet her. Even if she were nothing like the nice person she seemed on screen, that’s something I would have cherished to know personally, if even for the briefest moment.

By all accounts she was a really nice person in real life who fell into some marraiges that where not the best. She really dedicated the later part of her life to fighting World Hunger with a very active role in Unicef.

She is incredibly luminous, and I adore her work. I’m always somewhat astonished, however, that she isn’t short. She looks like such a petite fragile little thing that I expect her to be barely 5", but she was actually half an inch taller than I am! (Her height is listed at 5’7".)

Why am I not surprised to see What Exit? as the second poster here? :wink: Audrey was one in a trillion, that’s for sure. Elfin, wry, enticing, forthright but with a secret smile behind those luminous eyes - ah, quite a lady. IMHO, Keira Knightley and Natalie Portman are her natural heir(esse)s today.

All these years I never realized she was 5’7". I thought her shorter too.

A few years ago, I attended a talk by priest-novelist-sociologist Fr. Andrew Greeley (how, btw, took a fall a week or so ago & is not doing well) on “Images of God in the Movies”. He discussed “Always” as “a bad remake of a bad movie with no redeeming value except that it has Audrey Hepburn as God”. He then explains the impact she had on men of his generation. “When I was in seminary in the 1950s, our director was one of the finest minds of the 17th century. Every month, he would arrange an outing for his where we went to town, saw a movie, etc. The movie Roman Holiday came out and he probably thought- Oh, a good movie which will have scenery of the Vatican and St. Peter’s… Well, it may have had all that but none of us noticed it, because it also starred Audrey Hepburn.”

I love telling that story.

Wow! :eek: To what did he attribute his longevity? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway… ‘Bad movie’? Spencer Tracy and Irene Dunne? Sure, A Guy Named Joe wasn’t a masterpiece, but I wouldn’t call it ‘bad’!