Augh! I Can't Unsee These!

Why? Why did I do this?

Why did I go to YouTube and search the word “pimple”?


No! I refuse to link! I’ll vomit if I see it again.

There are far worse things on the internet, you know.

I can’t tell if this is one of those “smell this milk” threads to get me to try it or if it’s just here for the sequential crash with baby-fish-mouth. I myself have searched on symptoms of some other things, at least once to see if I had it worse off than other folks. (I did not.)

The “sebaceous cyst” videos are much more entertaining. :smiley:

Moved Cafe Society --> MPSIMS.

Better check out if you want to see some truly disgusting stuff.

YouTube ear wax videos aren’t nearly as bad. Try those instead.

Try harlequin fetus on for size.

Howza bout some tonsil stone videos?