Auguste Rodin fans/fans of the movie "Sunshine": WHAT IS THIS STATUE?

In the said movie there is a statue of an angel or a child picking a splinter out of the bottom of her foot.

My wife swears this is an Auguste Rodin work, and that there was an original of it at the Hess’s Department Store in Allentown, Pennsylvania. My wife is very fond of it because she used to walk by it as a child.

I’d like to get my wife a picture of the statue, or a small replica, or at least take her to a museum nearby that might have it (The Philly Museum of Art has an Rodin exhibit).

Question is:

What is the name of the statue?

And . . is it actually a Rodin???:confused:

I won;t get into the Hess’s department store thing . . .my wife has a tendency to exagerrate!;j

Are you talking about the photo taken of the woman sitting in a chair in the courtyard behind the house?

I vaguely remember the image, from this marvelous film, but don’t have any information about any statue. Have you tried “googleing” for Rodin or images from the film?

First off: love the movie.

Second off: wondered the same thing about the statue.

Third off: Searched Google’s image search using many, many combinations of phrases. All I can find are pics of the Thinking Man. Gah.

Now this is bugging me too! :frowning:

Ah! Ah! Found it!

It’s Spinario, from 4th BC Greece.


Own your own copy.

Or these…