Aung San Suu Kyi in Bangkok

Aung San Suu Kyi just arrived here in Bangkok about half an hour ago. It’s her first time outside of Burma in 25 years. She’s here to address the World Economic Forum that’s being held this week. In a fit of pique, the Burmese president, miffed at all the attention she’s promised to get, canceled his participation completely earlier this week, so he ain’t comin’. Now she has the spotlight all to herself.

Damn. Can’t count. First time in 24 years, since 1988.

The timing of her announcement last week that she was coming was unfortunate. It got buried amid all the hooplah of Lady Gaga arriving. Some have suggested – hopefully tonge-in-cheek – that Lady Gaga should have scheduled her concert this week so she could address the forum too. :smiley:

I heard that on NPR this morning and just marveled. Her story’s extraordinary and she never gave up. She’s a stronger woman than I.

The Lady makes an entrance

There are a helluva lot of Burmese here in Thailand, and many of them were at the airport to give her a rousing welcome. There is no doubt the spotlight will be squarely on her throughout the week.