Aurora possible tonight

The K[sub]p[/sub] has hit 8, which mean aurora should be visible in Chicago and to the south. I’ll take a look outside later. Anybody else?


Status: (bottom)

I’ll give it a try. I’ve never seen one yet. It’s always been cloudy the few nights I’ve known to look.

It’s pretty overcast in my part of the world, and I didn’t see anything when I was out about 10 minutes ago. Pity, 'cos it’s very rare to see the aurora this far south.

rowrrbazzle, I just logged on to post the same thing. Skies are mostly clear down here. Hoping to get a good viewing.

Once again the clouds obscure everything. I’ll never see it.

Cloudy now, but had a pretty good view around 1900 local.
(lat about 43deg 52min N)


I thought I saw the lights on the way home! Just white ones so far, no color. Still, it’s nice.

I hear we in NA can expect to see them less often over time as the north magnetic pole is migrating steadily further north.

Really, Qadgop? Might you be able to supply a linky to that? I’d love to read about it.

I had watched a Discovery HD program several months back where they discussed the magnetic poles reversing. That really piqued my interest. Here’s an online article discussing the same:

Looks like things are waning just a bit. The activity level has dropped to a 9 on the Statistical Auroral Oval map (, which generally means I’m not going to see too much given that I’m in West Central Indiana.


I think I saw them an hour or so ago. It was just a pale band of light in the northern sky. Not bad! I’m in south-central IA (not south-central LA).

Ho lee shit!

I thought it was lightning until I saw your thread. I’ve never seen them before.

Dark green and sooooooooooooooooooooo cool!

Portland, Oregon, between 5 and 8 our time.

I called hubby at work to tell him to be on the lookout – we’re in north central Iowa. He said he’s seen a few meteors but no auroras (aurorae?) yet, but he promised to call if he did.

We saw green ones about 12 years ago in August during the Perseids – watching the lights and meteors at the same time is (literally) awesome.

I just went out and looked 10 minutes ago, but just saw clouds. We’re supposed to have a big storm tonight, so I’m not holding out much hope.

*The auroral activity associate with the solar event on the 13th has arrived
and everyone with clear sky in Europe and US is enjoying a great display
that started at sunset.

Another event occurred on the 14th from the same active region on the sun.
It will arrive at 2pm (the same time of day as today’s arrival) on the 16th
GMT. So watch the sky tonight, the 14th, probably the 15th and again on the

–sayeth the Auroral Alert

When we took off from Vancouver BC tonight the pilot said the aurora was visible from the left side of the aircraft.
Of course I was sitting on the right.

I’m too far South.