Aurora visible far to the south tonight


You may have heard about the sunspot activity this weekend; well, apparently it will make the Northern Lights visible much farther south than normal. If you live in Canada, the northern US, or northern Europe, watch for it!

The really great thing is that the weather here is supposed to be clear so I just might get to see it this time!

D’oh, all I kept hearing was “very far south.” I didn’t realize that they meant southern Canada.

I had my fingers crossed hoping I might see a little something :(.

I hope it would last until this evening. The forcast here is cloudy periods…I’d like to see those lights :smiley:

I for one, have always wanted to run into a crowded room and scream “Lookout! It’s a coronal mass ejection!” and then flee the scene.

Encinitas, you are surely welcome to sit on our front porch and ponder life any time you are in the neighborhood. You just made me do a spit-take.

Let’s just hope we won’t get EMPed this time.

I’m getting EMPed right now. :frowning:

My normally solid high-speed internet connection is spotty at best (no EQ for me tonight), and I just tried to make a long distance phone call but got a really crappy line.

Here’s a great website for seeing where the current aurora (borealis or australis) is.

“The most stringent protection of free speech would not protect a man falsely shouting ‘coronal mass ejection’ in a theater and causing a panic.”

(With apologies to Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.)

Eh. If the northern lights shine through the fairly thick cloud cover we’ve got right now, I’ll be damned impressed.

To paraphrase superintendent Chalmers : In this part of the country? At this time of year? Located ENTIRELY within your kitchen?

   Sorry, this probably belongs on one of the many SImpsons threads, but I can't resist using those lines.

Mmmmm! Steamed Hams! :smiley:

“Seymour, the house is on fire!”

“No, mother, that’s just the Northern Lights.”

Anyway, I’m gonna check my front porch–the view will probably be no good in PA, but I’m gonna feel like crap if I don’t check.

I live about 3 miles north of the PA/MD border… and I just went outside (AGAIN… in the damn cold…) and didn’t see anything but stars. :frowning:

3:00 AM in Southern Brittish Columbia…nothing, but it IS kinda cloudy…does that Hinder a good chance?

I checked between 10-midnight on a very clear night in Seattle. Nothing.