Aussie Dopers: Some help needed

Could someone please help me find out what the general rental charges are for a motorcycle? Somewhere in the Brisbane area…

I have checked online already, of course, but information from a resident would be much appreciated. Do rental agencies offer discounts? Which are the trustworthy ones? The ones to avoid?

FYI, the budget is very, very tight…I’m a student and poor as fish.


Renting bikes is unusual and expensive compared to renting cars. It might be worth buying an old one? How long do you want it for?

No specific info on Brisbane, sorry.

The cheapest quote I could get was $35 a day for a moped here in my home town of Southport - which is 70klm south of Brisbane - hence it’s name!

Yep - no two ways about it - you’re definitely better off buying a 2nd hand moped without doubt.

Check out the Queensland Trading Post - it’s on line.

Thanks for the responses, people.

Is a moped highway-worthy? Didn’t realise it was. You see, the plan is to ride from Brisbane to Sydney over 3 or 4 days…a moped seems a bit iffy for something like that.

I’ll check out the Queensland T.P., Boo Boo Foo…thanks!