Aussies: Reputation of Canberra Times?

Here in America we have our major papers with national readership, such as The New York Times, L.A. Times, Wall Street Journal, etc… The Washington Post has national “heft” as well, (IMHO) at least partially because, being based in D.C., it is very plugged into national politics.

My question: Australia has the Sydney Herald, The Age., and maybe a few other large city papers with national reputations. But does the Canberra Times have a national reach as well, or is it ignored outside the ACT?

I ask (full disclosure) both because I enjoy its editorial stance and because I have a distant relative (who I have never met) who works there.

The Canberra Times is a local paper. The only paper in Australia that tries to reach a national audience is The Australian.

I agree with Giles. The *Canberra Times * is very much a local paper. I used to read it when I lived in Canberra, but I’ve only looked at it occasionally since I moved back to Sydney.

Sydney Morning Herald

What they said. Also, if anybody was trying to start up a new “National” paper I bet they’d never in a million years put the word “Canberra” in the title. Nobody would ever take it seriously.

Canberra’s not a city with a real international reputation like New York or Washington. It’s just a fair-sized country town which happens to have the Federal Parliament in it. A good-sized slab of the workforce goes back to their real homes in Sydney or Melbourne every weekend (that includes the Prime Minister, at the moment).

Apart from Parliament business (when it’s sitting) there’s probably a lot less going on there of interest to the rest of the country than there is in the larger State capitals. Case in point: Oz just hosted a large international heads-of-government conference (APEC - Asia Pacific Economic Conference). Where was it held? Sydney.

Canberra is nothing more than a country town with a paper full of local issues.

Thanks for the perspective, folks. Apparently, there’s not as much of a parallel between Canberra and Washington DC as I had thought.

Of course, if you had platoons of lobbyists handing out zillions of dollars in bribes cash like we do, I’ll bet more of your government would actually take up residence there.

Not that this would be a good thing… :rolleyes:

Correct. Canberra has its charms… sorta. Probably a good place to bring up kids, and for the rest of us, worth the drive for a weekend once every few years. But Canberra has more in common with Brasilia than with Washington DC. It’s a small, clean, planned but dull city, and was only put in the middle of nowhere as a sop to the Sydney-Melbourne rivalry, or as was said at the time, “a waste of a good sheep paddock”. That said, I am happy it’s there - I wouldn’t want one of our real cities to be the capital.
And I don’t think I’ve ever read the Canberra Times.