Australia christens new ship with... a dance troupe

I’m really not sure what more to add. A new Australian navy ship was christened with, of all things, a hip hop performance from a troupe called 101 Doll Squadron.

And it’s getting a lot of push back, because ‘sexism’ and ‘harassment’ are hot issues.

Which I think is kind of sad really, because the only people who watch exercise routines like that are women, and although the male establishment didn’t get it, it probably worked as a gesture of inclusivity.

The persons who thought this was a good idea aren’t moving up in rank for a while, I think. Cringeworthy.

I don’t buy the sexism thing as such - unless we are going to say that dance troupes wearing tight clothing and doing sexy moves are inherently sexist as such, in which case a hellava large proportion of dance is going to be “sexist”.

But a dance routine at a military ship launch just seems so utterly out of place…

I do wonder, just how did this get approved. Did someone recommend them as a joke and the oblivious CO sign off? Some Staff officer somewhere has screwed up.
As wardances go, this ain’t the worst and undeniably better than the thigh slapping shrieks their antipodean neighbours proffer. But not the best look for a service looking to improve female recruitment.

What a strange dance routine. It didn’t go with the music at all and it was really just not well done.

Some of the onlookers appear as confused as I am.

I call this a failure at whatever the goal was.

One of them didn’t know the routine very well and kept looking to see what to do next. They also weren’t in sync and they seem off beat. I doubt this was their best performance.

That said, apparently the news show took it out of context ( cite, cite ) Apparently, they were part of the pre-show before the high ranking people had even arrived on scene, not part of the more official show when the dignitaries gave speeches, &tc. Apparently those cuts to the crowd observing were spliced in and that video was from an entirely different portion of the day.

It’s a ‘community group’, in the ‘fun for friends and family’ part of the celebration.

Oh, I see. I misunderstood what this was. Sorry, ya’ll were great!

Well that at least gives it a bit more understandable context

At the same time, somewhere in Australia, a very confused bachelor party was watching a military band and parade go by…