Australian university teaching apointments-- title/rank

Hi there. I’ve just seen an opening at an Australian Uni I’m thinking about apply to but I’m not sure what level the hiring is at. What is “Academic Level B” in American terms-- Associate? Assistant? Does it imply a job for someone early career or are they looking for someone at a more senior level?
Thanks for the information.

That’s a lecturer or - less commonly - research fellow. Applicants for such positions would typically include but not be limited to new PhD graduates.

I remember one of the lecturers at my uni explaining this to me once. The levels are related to salary scales. It goes from A (lowest) up to E (highest). I think a level B would generally be required to have at least a Masters degree and would be considered a Lecturer. Possibly a Senior Lecturer. I don’t know how this equates to American academic titles.

This recent job ad shows the salary scales by band.

The levels, together with the old jib titles that used to be given, are:

Level E (Professor)
Level D (Reader, Associate Professor)
Level C (Senior Lecturer)
Level B (Lecturer)
Level A (Associate Lecturer, Senior Tutor, Tutor, Tutorial Assistant and Tutorial Fellow)

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Ah, I see. Thanks for the information-- this is very helpful.