Australians: where to buy good wine for delivery in your country?

My sister emigrated to Australia years ago, and is now living in Brisbane, and her 50th birthday is coming up. Our parents and I are still back in the UK, and we want to buy here something special for her birthday.

Our mother suggested we combine our resources and buy her a selection of good wines - Sis apparently enjoys Australian wine, so it would make sense to order a mixed case online for delivery (with flowers?) on the day.

Can anyone recommend an Australian wine merchants that would offer that sort of service online? And the wines themselves? Not your cheap plonk, but not necessarily hugely expensive stuff - something that she’d not normally buy, a little out of her range perhaps for routine quaffing - but in enough quantity to keep her going for a while.

Background information: she’s on a decent wage as a corporate Personal Representative, but has large household bills, so she’s probably treading water in a middle-class kind of financial way. And she seems to enjoy red and white wines pretty much equally, so a mix of the two would seem sensible.

And she’s not an occasional tippler, either. She likes her wine.

Budget? I don’t know - at least £50, but not more than £100. Sort of.

Any pointers would be most welcome.

One bump before I give up on this one. Shirley there are some Aussie wine-lovers on the SDMB?

I’ve never lived in Brisbane, so I don’t have a specific recommendation, but the best places to find businesses in Australia is the Yellow Pages.

Do you know any particular wines that she likes (unlikely, I know). You could check the websites of the winemakers, see if they offer a delivery service. I was thinking of All Saints because I’m on their mailing list and thus know they support on-line ordering, but there are many, many fine wineries across the country that must have a similar service. Could you ask your sister to recommend an Australian wine as a gift for a co-worker/friend/relative to get an idea of what she likes? Alternatively, I understand Australian wines are popular and commonplace in the UK. Why not pop down to your local retailer and get some advice on what’s good and what’s not, and then try to find an Australian retailer from the Yellow Pages as Giles suggested.

Some random wineries just for browsing and pricing, and possibly links to retailers:
Brown Brothers
Wolf Blass
Peter Lehmann
Whistler Wines
Wyndham Estate
De Bortoli

The most recent version of James Halliday’s Top Wines List that I could find online (2005)

Other links that might be useful:
Universal Currency Converter
Current Brisbane Time (if you need to make calls to Brisbane retailers for advice)

Just a personal recommendation: I LOVE these guys. The Mudflat Shiraz Muscadelle is amazing, and their Frontignac, a sweet white, is great in summer. They’re a big winery, so you should be able to get plenty of variety. I bought a mixed dozen for the family over Christmas last year, and we were all very impressed with everything.

Just looked it up - I spent around AUD$230, which is about £95.

Plus, Peter Lehmann is supposed to be a really nice guy. We visited the winery in 2005 and the staff told us the winery got it’s start in the last 70’s when, concerned that many of his neighbours in the Barossa Valley faced ruin due to grape overproduction, he pooled his money with investors to buy the excess produce and help his neighbours out. Although he doesn’t own the winery any more he still lives on the property and sounds like something of a friendly eccentric. They told us he often pops down to the cellar door to offer home-grown fruits and things to staff and customers.

Yes, but like the others I either order from specific wineries, or go into a bottle shop. I’ve never had to find a delivery service that offers a range of wines from all over Australia.

Links to large liquour retailers in Australia, maybe some can help:

I’ve not used any of the above sites so I don’t know if they deliver to Brisbane, but hopefully one or more will be of use to you.

These guys have been shipping wine for years. The delivery charges are quite reasonable.

I should have added that while I have a friend who buys high end stuff from them, because they are cheap (for example Penfolds RWT Shiraz 2004 is $140 there but $180 retail) the best answer for your purposes would be a mixed dozen of some description.

That’s all I ever get. You end up with lots of wine suited to lots of different uses/occasions and generally the saving off the bottle shop prices more than offsets delivery. Your budget is about $125 - $250 which would cover plenty of interesting stuff.

Many thanks to all of you - this is exactly the kind of help I needed.

If there are any more questions, I’ll pop back and trouble you some more.