Author! Author!

Any Dopers who are authors? I am most specifically referring to published authors of book-length works (fic or non). Not that there’s anything wrong with article authorship - I just suspect there’s whole whacks of them here. Intelligent bunch and all.

Care to tell us what you’ve written?

Yes. I co-wrote a YA novel with my partner. My partner has about 20 kids’s books out there.

No, I won’t give any more identifying info than that ;). Partly because they are not published in the US and partly because if a kid puts the title into a search engine and ends up here, that’s not good.

not yet, but i’m thinking about it :wink:
(I wish it were that easy…)

Eve and RealityChuck are. I think Dangerosa has, too, but I’m not 100% sure of that.

I wish I could say the same.

Um, I’m not sure how I got Dangerosa out of Primaflora, but that’s who I really meant to say.

As Deadly, pointed out, I am. My novel will be republished by Embiid (in electronic format) in June. I’m also going to have a new novel out through them in August. See here.

Bad Astronomer is an author as well; check out Bad Astronomy by Philip Plait.

I’ve had five books published on film and theater history—that and $1.50 will get me on the subway . . .

A few weeks ago I finished a 165,000 word novel. Still need an agent, publisher, and hordes of adoring (and purchasing) fans though.

I’m hoping to be done with editing and rewriting by June or so and start on the second book then.

time to confess. i write trashy romances. you’ve seen them, perhaps even (gasp) read them. hence the name, bodice-ripper, slang for the goods i put out. i do use a pen name, thankfully. i didn’t intend to start in this genre, but did it nonetheless to prove to myself i could put out a finished product. i am working on my third one, which hopefully will be my last. i am more interested in creating a historical mystery. we’ll see what happens.

incidentally, i had only ever read one trashy romance before i wrote one. i had (i admit it!) disdain for the genre, being an academic type and all. money has softened my opinion, but just a wee bit.:wink:

I’ve written a bunch of short stories in the horror genre, and have been published in a few anthologies, but no novel yet. :slight_smile:

I was hoping someone else would mention me, but I’ve got to blow my own horn. I have a book out on mythology, several articles in a broad spectrum of magazines, and have just been made a Contributing Editor at an optical magazine, for which I’ll be writing the occasional column.

I’ve written a full volume and another chapter on Mexican taxation, as well as consulted on several works on different aspects of Mexican environmental law.

I haven’t yet found an agent who wants to help me sell the movie rights.

Awwwww! I think it is a total shame that we are being deprived of what could be an incredible viewing experience.

BodiceRipper, I agree. Imagine “Como Agua Para Chocolate” without the romance, suspense, action, drama, comedy, scenery, history, storyline, direction, wardrobe, imagery, foreshadowing, or nudity. But with lots of forms to file in triplicate.

Surely we could work some nudity in there somewhere. Perhaps a tensely erotic scene between two repressed tax office employees?

Loved Como Agua… ; saw the movie and read the book, in English and Spanish. Esquivel can be pure poetry at times.

Is there any other kind?

… as the tax auditor’s refund denial stamp heaved with desire, the environmental inspector’s operating license grew turgid as he envisioned moving from her wetlands to her brownfield…


whew! -wipes tears away-