Authors you wish would/could write another book

I find myself constantly yearning for my favorite living authors to write their next book, and lamenting the fact that some of my favorites who’ve passed away will never be able to.

Living, and I can’t wait for the next one:

Neal Stephenson
Thomas Pynchon
William Gibson
Bruce Sterling
James Lee Burke
Larry McMurtry
Umberto Eco

Dead, and I wish they could have written more:

David Foster Wallace
Philip K. Dick
Robert Heinlein
Edgar Alan Poe
Hunter S. Thompson

Many more in both categories (I enjoy lots of different genres), but this is a spur of the moment post since I can’t sleep and I don’t have anything new to read to help pass the insomnia.

In couple of weeks since I started reading and posting on this board, I’ve found that most everyone on here is highly intelligent, very witty, and extremely kind. I would love to hear about your favorite authors/books I can’t wait to find the next hidden gem!

Can I name poets? I’d love another book of poetry by Donald Justice.

Frank Herbert, to both write more and kick some asses of certain people writing more from his universe

George R.R. Martin.
George R.R. Martin.
George R.R. fucking Martin, damn it.

Margaret Mitchell. Gone with the Wind was the only book she wrote.

Douglas Adams: the first author whose books I bought all of.

harper lee

Bill Bryson is long overdue for another book, IMHO.

It’s a shame George MacDonald Fraser is now deceased, because I’d dearly love to see more Flashman novels. Surely someone out there can take over the “editing” work of the Flashman Papers?

Thanks for posting - I can’t wait to start used-book shopping.

One question, though. Can anyone recommend George R.R. Martin? I hear he’s pretty good.

Fredric Brown.

It could be Fantasy, Science Fiction, or Mystery. I’d take any of them
C.S. Forester

Preferably another Hornblower Novel. He could finish Hornblower During the Crisis and let us know if C. Northcote Parkinson guessed the real ending.
Arthur Conan Doyle

…to write another Sherlock Holmes story, although he’d resent being called back from the dead to do it, and would want to do another White Company or something instead.
H.P. Lovecraft

Not only would I like something new from the Master (instead of August Derleth’s over-organized “elementals”), but the idea of Lovecraft coming back from the dead to write it is inexpressably cool.
Robert H. van Gulik

Others have been trying to write Judge Dee stories, but what I’ve read so far hasn’t been as good.

Rex Stout
Even Robert Goldsborough seems to think no one can replace Stout as the author of Nero Wolfe stories

Mark Twain

Not only do I love his stuff, I’m curious to see how being dead has affected his sense of humor. And what he thinks of Heaven (or Hell) now that he’s been there, and how it compares with his previous writings on the topic.

Waiting for the next book by Andrea Barrett. Andrea? Are you out there?

I’d like Heinlein only if he could go back to writing juveniles - or at least the adult (in the sense of “for grown-ups”) novels he wrote in the late '50s. Man, his last half-dozen or so sucked major. Still better than 95% of everything else in the field, though.

John Maxim-the Bannerman series.

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Ed McBain, who never finished his 87th precient mysteries with one word alphabetic titles, especially the last one, which was to be EXIT.

Seconded. I just finished reading Salmon of Doubt. It was a fantastic beginning, and dammit I want the middle and end of the story.

Patrick O’Brian

Jasper Fforde.

Matt Ruff.

John LeCarre
Bill Bryson

Daniel Boorstin

And, I will not for the life of me remember his name, but he was a youngish guy that committed suicide a few years back after only two books - the one I read was a novel set in a rural town. I know that’s helpful, but details come slowly this morning.

Harper Lee. I realize rationally that what makes To Kill a Mockingbird such a masterpiece is that she stopped at exactly the right time, before jumping the shark, but viscerally I still want a sequel, darn it! I want to know what happened to Scout when she grew up!

Lois McMaster Bujold. I know, she’s working on it. Work faster! :slight_smile:

I wish Asimov and L’Engle were still alive and producing work (though with Asimov I mostly wish for more non-SF, as I don’t think his later SF was as good).

Random probably-totally-obscure SF people: Cordwainer Smith (I cannot tell you how much I wish he had finished the denouement of the Instrumentality of Man before he died). More Cyrion stories by Tanith Lee, if anyone at all has read those. More novels by John M. Ford, who died untimely early.