Autism benefit or Comedy Channel

Did anyone watch? I just watched a tape, and overall thougt it was pretty good. A summary of what I can remember:

Jon Stewart- great host- looser on these type award shows.

Jerry Seinfeld- if you are a fan of Jerry’s “what’s the deal with__” bits, which I admit I am, a quintessential bit on cell phones, and e-mail. Very funny.

Ben Stiller as David Blaine- I’m a Stiller fan, but not that funny.

Adam Sandler/Kevin James- if you like them, probably Ok- I don’t.

Ricky Gervias- offensive, but damn funny!

Martin Short- Weird, not funny.

Amy Sedaris- adorable!

Borat- very good, but not great- why was he smiling throughout?

Fred Armisen and Will Forte tongue kissing- HOT!!! :dubious:

And the eccentirc millionaire- oddly funny.

We watched for a while: I have a cousin who is autistic, and we contribute to autism research regularly. Most of it wasn’t our kind of comedy, so we switched after half an hour, maybe 40 minutes.

Ironic, since there seems to be some evidence that watching TV may cause autism.

Brian Williams: The man.

(The public service announcement from the Sopranos actor was hilarious also.)