Auto graveyards are sad

Old barns with tractors sitting there or abandoned forlorn in a hedgerow are so mournful. To think of the livelihood they provided to a farm to help take away some of body wrecking physical labor working the ground and feeding a family.

Not the same as cars, but the same theme.

Oh, and just in case you haven’t figured this out already, The Brave Little Toaster is a cartoon. Although I’d definitely be interested in a live-action version.

I thought the saddest part was when the vacuum (Vaccy? That can’t be right. Anyway…) sucks up HIS OWN CORD! AAAHH!

There’s a cartoon on the The Love Bug DVD about a car that pretty much goes through the stages I’ve mentioned, from brand-new to the junkyard to…

Being bought by a teenager, who fixes her up and gives her a new life.

I’ll definitely look into that – I think there’s plenty worth saving in there. I wouldn’t mind going through the building (strangely enough, most of the windows are intact), but knowing the area it’s probably home to all sorts of wild animals by now.

I settle total losses for an insurance company. Today I just sent a red 1979 MG Midget to the salvage yard. Needs a new bumper, trunk & some misc rear body work from the collision. Totally restorable and it still drives fine (for a Midget). I reckon it’ll sell for $175 at the public auction.

I’m not allowed to bid on salvage. :frowning:

“You have 30 minutes to move your cube.”

Hey, Johnny! Next time you get near OKC, give me a call and I’ll take you down to Oklahoma Foreign Salvage. More 911s than anywhere else this side of Zuffenhausen. All willing to help your baby get going again. Sam never scraps a 911 that still has salable parts on it. That is a happy place. Nothing like stupid POs to make our ownership of Pork Chops cheaper.

I sold my 911SC six years ago. I’d say, ‘Like an idiot!’; but I really did need the utility of an SUV at the time. I suspect I’ll have another 911 (of later vintage) sometime in the future…

And I thought he was one of a kind! Next time he comes to visit, maybe we can have a Central North Carolina Junkyard Tour. But that might not be such a good idea, because he’d probably come out with another car.

I was very sad when I wrecked my first car. It wasn’t a special car, just a used Escort, but it was the first car I owned, so it was special. Some guy ran a red light and ran into me, and it didn’t do a lot of damage, but the car wasn’t worth that much, so it was totaled. It still looked okay, and when I went to get my stuff out of it, I almost cried. I didn’t care that much about my second car, but I’ve had my current car for ten years, and it just fits me so well that I’d rather have it than a new car. I’ll probably drive it until it’s way too expensive to fix it, but I’ll miss it when it’s gone.

Nah, Phil Hartman did some of the voices for the film, and well, I feel the same way about a live action BLT, as I did about the live action Grinch, if certain actors aren’t in it, then it’s not going to be any good. Grinch didn’t have Thurl Ravenscroft, and BLT can’t have Phil (as much as I’d like it to), so it can’t be good.

So sad, that so many will never be lovingly restored.

Restored and even better – used for tractor square dancing! No – really!

Is it mostly a guy thing to have an attachment to an old car/bike/boat/plane?

I shed a tear when I saw my old 1977 Torana I’d sold rusting in someone elses yard, and when I traded in my 1981 BMW 318i.

I’ve never felt the same way about a house I’ve lived in, yet my SO bawled her eyes out when we left our old place.

I’ve known women who’ve gotten deeply attached to their cars, and have wept when they’ve had to get rid of them.

Oh, yeah, I just stumbled across this site. Just because some thing’s lost, doesn’t mean it can’t be “found” again.

Of course, some times they just wait and wait. :frowning:

Just a thought—these days, if they did do a live-action BLT, how much of it would even be “live”? We see…what, maybe seven humans onscreen, total? The rest of the cast’d have to be either CGI or puppets. Puppets who’d have to be dashing around through the wilderness for a good part of the movie, and possibly sing. It’d be cheaper and easier to go CGI, and then you’re just back to animatio—

Sorry. Got off track, there.

So, um…I still have my first dedicated CD player tucked underneath my worktable, and it’s been dead for three years. I still remember the day I got it—Hell, I still remember the first CD and the first song I played on it. I just…couldn’t stand the thought of it just lying crushed under garbage, somewhere.


That is the VIN from my first car. From memory. Loved that car. Not real special in the car world, Plymouth Duster. It was a “Feather” sub-set. Lightweight parts, 2.73 ratio rear gears, 225 Slant six with lazer welded aluminum intake.

Went to so many places in the three short years I owned it.
Miss it so much.

Johnny L.A. great thread.

The Brave Little Toaster had both Thurl Ravenscroft and Phil Hartman, although Phil’s part was brief (the window-mounted air conditioner).

The junkyard song, IMHO the best in the movie (David Newman and Van Dyke Parks are to be thanked), is “Worthless”. Some sample lines sung by the cars entering the crusher:

“I can’t take this kind of pressure, I must confess one more dusty road would be just a road too long.”

“I just can’t seem to get started, don’t have the heart to live in the fast lane, all that is passed and gone.”

[chorus] “Worthless…and there ain’t nothing I can do about it. Worthless, worthless, worthless”

“Once took a Texan to a wedding, once took a Texan to a wedding, he kept forgetting his loneliness letting his thoughts turn to home and return.”

“I took a man to a graveyard, I beg your pardon, it’s quite hard enough just living with the stuff I have learned.”

“Once I ran the Indy 500 … I must confess I’m impressed that I did it, I wonder how close that I came?”

All the more reason to not touch the film. (BTW, was the film ever released to theaters? I don’t remember it ever being advertised.)

I think it was straight to video.

Suit yourself, but you’re missing something, trust me.

Hmm. I’m a female, and I’m attached to several cars. My Jeep ('97 Grand Cherokee), first of all, since it’s my first car; then my dad’s '90 Chevy Suburban, just because it’s been the family vehicle since I was little. I also learned to drive in that truck.

Then there’s my parents’ ‘64 Ford Galaxie 500 – I love driving this car. It had been parked under the carport at my grandparents’ house ever since I could remember. They were the original owners, and my grandfather had seen to it that the car was maintained mechanically. It was in pretty decent shape, other than the rusty exterior and the dry-rotted seats. When my grandfather died, my mom inherited the car. The first thing we did was have it painted and re-upholstered. It’s been fine since then; just a few leaks here and there which were pretty ease to locate and repair. Right now it’s in the shop having the engine completely serviced and repainted. I just think it’s really cool to flip through old photo albums and see pictures of this car looking just like it does now.