Automatic cell coloring in Excel?

This may be stretching Excel capabilities (moving into some minor programming) but thought I’d ask.

I’d like Excel to auto-fill a cell background color based on some criteria I set.

For instance if the number in cell A1 is 10% or more than cell B1 I want it colored green. If it is 0-10% colored yellow. If less than 0% colored red.

Can this be done easily?

Easy as pie.

I’m on a Mac, so I am not sure if the menu is the same, but all I need to do is go to Format -> Conditional Formatting…

Then you get to pick some criteria such as “<10%” and the formatting (e.g. red background) you wish to apply.

I believe they give you up to three different ones that you can apply for the same cells. Anything more than that and you’ll probably be programming VBA.

In the Format menu, select Contitional Formatting. It should be clear what you need to do at that point.

Awesome. Thanks you two!