Automatic Writing (religious)

a close friend of mine recently got hooked by the “Foundation Church of the New Birth,” also known as “Divine Love” … which seems to rely entirely on the “automatic writings” of a guy named James Padgett, who channelled Jesus and created a whole “New Gospel” …

obviously suspension of disbelief is required in this religion! my friend is extremely intelligent and i never would have dreamed he’d go for something like this. uncannily enough, Jesus’ first two new “transmissions” were 1) to establish the authenticity of James Padgett as a medium, and 2) to say that all other autmomatic writings from Jesus–past, present and future–are false, and only Padgett’s are true. boggle then he got down to the religious stuff. smart dude, eh?

what’s the straight dope on automatic writing?


Well, that’s true about any religion. But I see what you mean here, especially.

Here’s a link to the Skeptic’s Dictionary entry on Automatic Writing:

There isn’t a whole lot to be said about it. I mean, it’s obviously incredibly simple to fake in situations like these. “Oh, yes, I wrote that – but it wasn’t me doing the writing.” And you noted the two biggest alarm bells already.

accually, hes not writing this…he just sits there and watches letters appear on his screen, he cant do anything about it. yet you yell at him for his bad spelling and grammar when instead you should be yelling at me!

man, i would love if i would have had someone to write my papers back when i was in school. instead of having to write for him.

bj0rn - or not?

I had Jesus write an English paper for me back in 11th grade.

He got a D.

Yer pal,

Hmm…any plausibility in the theory that maybe Jesus wanted to make Satan look bad? :confused:

I don’t think Jesus needs to make Satan look bad. :slight_smile:

I worry about anyone who would join a “church” founded by a human Ouija board who claims that Jesus said "Everything I said via the other human Ouija boards was wrong. "

I think if I want to read the teachings of Jesus, I’ll crack open my New Testament…

The trouble with Sir Launcelot is by the time he comes riding up, you’ve already married King Arthur.

Yeah – It makes much more sense for people to join churches founded by human text scanners who claim that all other human text scanners are wrong.

Or maybe not.

The best lack all conviction
The worst are full of passionate intensity.


Is it presumptuous to assume whomever graded that paper became your mentor…?