Automotive - 2004 Infinity G35 Power Locks

They are not operating either via the remote (FOB) or the driver side key. Manual locking/unlocking only.

I’ve changed the FOB battery, checked the underdash fuses, checked lock button positions and scanned the owners manual to no avail. Other FOB functions like setting the alarm and openning the trunk work normally.

There seems to be a “click” like from a relay but no “clunk” like from the solenoids. Could both solenoids have failed? (It’s a coupe).

I found no recall or maintenance notice at a few automotive sites. No specific mention of problems with the power locks.

Any cheap/quick ideas?

Sounds like a bad connection somewhere, maybe a wire came loose. Someone would need a wiring diagram.

I’ve located a few references to stripped plastic gears in the actuators; others with door lock problems all agree that it will require opening up the door and probably replacing the actuators.

And why are you writing “fob” like it’s an acronym?

Did this failure happen suddenly or has it slowly come to this?

Took a while to get back, I’m on vacation after Iraq.

Problem was sudden onset although car had set without driving for around 4 months and the vehicle is in Honolulu, HI. Possible moisture intrusion?

Really bugs me - only 22,000 miles on the car. The Infinity dealer out here isn’t cheap, nor are many things.

Thanks all.