Autumn Squash soup by Panera

The grocery store up the road marks perishables down when they are short-dated, and a few weeks ago, they must have found a pallet or so of Panera Soups in assorted flavors in their storage fridge, because they had a whole bunch of them marked down, from $5 each (or thereabouts) to $1.50, and later 75 cents when the date passed. I got several clam chowders and chicken rices, because I’ve had those before and like them, but hadn’t tried the Autumn Squash flavor until this evening.

Wowzers! That is DELICIOUS! Not worth $5 for a cup, but if I see it marked down in the future, I will definitely stock my freezer.


I agree. There are a couple of cups still in my freezer, waiting on a good occasion.

I also recommend the Well Yes! brand Butternut Squash Apple Bisque soup, that has become a staple in my pantry.

I keep seeing this thread title as Autumn Squash song by Pantera and I think “wtf that’s not a Pantera song title” and then I remember it’s about soup.

Never had a “Well, Yes!” soup that wasn’t wonderfully tasty. I buy those now instead of Campbell’s Chunky.