Autumn Wind Chick is a Racist

and I can’t stand the bitch.
She gets on my nerves so much that she has the honor of being the one and only poster I’ve ever started a Pit thread about. I’m starting it because I want her and everyone here at the SDMB know that if there is ever a pogrom against stupid racist bitches I will be pointing the authorities her way.

I had just finished posting my definition of racism.

when lo and behold, the personification of that definition has just finished posting her resume for the job at the end of this thread here.

I first ran into her early on in Denying the Obvious, her first inarticulate try at getting people to see the error of their ways. But see what? What in the hell was this crazy ass Fall Fart Girl trying to get us to admit?

It didn’t take me long to find out. In her own words in this thread:

What evidence, you may ask. And people did ask. Well, certainly not scientific study, Lady Wind answers, because the scientists are all running scared of the “race-deniers”. But the truth is out there. See here in
Gestation period different for different races?

Ah, but she’s is open-minded. Look what little it would take to persuade her.

Still, I can see her dilemma in actually listening to any evidence to the contrary, what with all the crackpot geneticist out there.

There are some really brave scientists who continue to fight for Truth, Justice and the Racists way. Look at this thread to see who her co-horts are.

There are many more quotes from our resident “race-admitter”, but I’ll leave you with one that struck a cord in me. The one that says what Autumn Wind Chick really feels, deep down in the pit of her racist heart.


A) Great rant, at least an 9.0
B) I agree/ “Me Too!”
C) This bit made me laugh out loud


Personally, I think it’s sad that someone needs to continue to insist on an outdated mode of thinking so they have an excuse for thinking - “hey, that person’s different from me. They must be worse, so I’m better.”

Puhleeze. :rolleyes:

Fenris - I laughed at the same line.

Sorry Biggirl, Collounsbury already beat you to the punch :wink: :

Myself, I’m not sure if she is a virulent racist or not. I tend to try to give the benefit of the doubt and it may be that she’s just misguided and incredibly stubborn. Though I admit she’s left herself open to the charge. And I do think she’s the pot calling the kettle black when she accuses her debate opponents of “mental gymnastics” :rolleyes: . Ah, well - [pompous tone]Some just refuse to be enlightened[/pompous tone]. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Tamerlane

“Race denier”? “Race admitter”? Have I been missing too many threads? What are these terms supposed to refer to? :confused:

Just glancing at the question, it seems like a worthy debate question. I haven’t been over there in 3 months. I would argue that the human race has never been good at selective breeding. Ethnic divisions generally are blurred. The power center cities seem to encourage mixed breeding. That hot black chick is flirting with me!!

I will read her comments further. I have not make it past the original post. Is she encouraging selective breeding? Is she saying certain races “is” inferior? I will also look at her op again.

I find it hard to believe one with a handle “Autumn Wind” would give a shit about who she breeds with. She would much prefer to be belly dancing around the fire at the full moon drum circle. The very name makes me feel that oh so wonderful cool wind that sucks the moisture out of the summer sweat…
OK. She’s a bitch. But a good handle.

I really don’t care if she’s a racist… she’s an idiot. Or, at the very least, her arguments are idiotic. Saying that people who deny race must also deny the Holocaust and the danger of cigarettes is an act of Serlin-level generalization.

How’s this… people who insist on the existence of race must also believe that tulip bulbs can sing and that Star Wars was a recruitment movie for the Mormon church. Does that sound fair?

I agree with this thread. I’m currently trying to get AWC to agree that blue-eyed people are superior, but it’s pleasant to be able to call her here what she is.

I’m nervous about your examples.
Wasn’t there a famous song ‘Tulips from Amsterdam’? And wasn’t the Mormon church founded by good-looking young people in the face of opposition from an all-powerful Empire*?
Can’t AWC use this against us muddled thinkers?!

*(which has studied a Star Wars weapon)

SPOOFE is a big Star Wars fan
SPOOFE is a member of the Mormon church.



Yes, there is a song called “Tulips from Amsterdam” (‘Tulpen uit Amsterdam’). Ironically, it was written by a… German.


Are the tulips themselves doing the singing?


WAS, if you please. Was.

Really SPOOFE? Apologies - In my defence I’ll just say that I picked up the wrong end of this particular stick from

in the “I’m Not” thread. Still, at least I was paying some semblance of attention, eh?

But the point remains: you watched Star Wars and you were a Mormon. The parallel is uncanny.



After careful review of the links BigGirl posted, and a quick check on AWC’s post count, I have concluded that at the very least, AWC has some kind of a hangup about race. And that’s okay, isn’t it? I mean, we’re all hung up on something - that one topic each of us finds more fascinating than anything else in the world? For instance, I’m hung up on sub-Saharan post-colonial national politics. Lucky for me, that’s not a big topic of debate or general discussion here on the board, or I’d probably come across as a weirdo too. That said, she has picked kind of a hot-button issue for her hangup, and it’s obvious she knows it. If I were labelling her, I’d call it “Fairly Successful and Somewhat Irritating Troll”, but I’m not, so I’ll just make the pat statement that came to mind whilst reading her posts:

Inbreeding is Everyone’s Problem.

Don’t worry, Biggirl. Me an’ some other Rich, Pushy Jews got together and bought off some Italian Gangsters to take care of her. They packed her off to some o’ dem Insidious Orientals. No telling what THEY’LL do with her, though . . . They’re so inscrutable.

One of the things I can’t stand about her is the way she couches her racism into a sort of wide-eyed inquisitiveness. “But I’m only asking,” she seems to be saying, “why is everyone picking on me?”

Because your a racist. You have an agenda and it’s not so hidden. You can play the poor, poor pitiful me, the race-deniers are out to get me act to somebody else.

A hot-button issue? You better believe it. It’s also a hot-button issue with me. When presented with evidence-- hard scientific evidence based on years of study and decades of theorizing, refutation, experimentation-- that there is no biological basis for the races, AWC falls back to accusing the scientific community of being too PC.

You see, all the biologist and all the genecists and all the anthropologists and every single one of those sociologists who say that humans make up one race are actually afraid. They are afraid that the blacks will use the extra leg muscle they have to kick said scientists so far up the ass that the scientist will be talking Ebonics for a week.

Stupid racist bitch.

Well, I don’t know about this Autumn Wind, and I haven’t read the links, but I must be missing something. The quotes don’t seem to show any overt bigotry, though it does seem to hint at an agenda. But, I’m puzzled by your reaction Biggirl, as I’d expect it would take more than the hint for you to make this accusation.

As for the question of race, to me it seems one of Semantics. It seems obvious that people with a common genetic background are going to have common traits, and that those traits are likely to be different from people with other backgrounds.

If you take a man of indigenous Japanese background, and put him next to a man of indigenous African background, I’m probably going to be able to tell which is which without too much trouble.

What do we call the genetic differences between populations if not race?

To me, it seems obvious that racial differences exist. It’s not a fact that I think can be disputed. That much is made of these relatively inconsequential differences is usually the problem, not their existence.

This is the “prove the races are equally intelligent” chick.


Yeah, she’s full of shit and a bigot to boot.

Carry on.

“Never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity”.

[sub]saw it on t-shirt once[/sub]

Well Scylla, I invite you to read the links and then come back to me.

As I’ve said before: There is such a thing as race. It has a culural definition. There is no scientific proof that humans map out into racial groups. It is AWC insistance that there is some biological difference between humans with dark skin or eye-folds besides the shape of their eyes or the color of their skin and that these outward characteristics can determine who is fast, smart or criminal that makes her a racist.

You don’t understand my strong reaction? Can’t see why I’d be outraged that all evidence showing that humans are fundementally the same is scoffed at by AWC. You don’t see how a person who goes around looking for proof that there is a genetic link to stupidity and that this link maps out into races would make me mad?

Do you think that every racist runs around screaming that it’s time to lynch all the niggers and burn all the Jews? Read the links Scylla and then come back and talk to me about my definition of a racist.