::strokes beard::

On the other hand, why bother not complaining? Shall we give in to the beardless upstarts?

::strokes beard::

Fuck avatars.

And Avatar was a shitty movie, too.

I’ve punted pussies through the goalposts at up to 40 yards.

And I don’t want avatars. Or the movie Avatar, which should have been punted for 140 yards.

Bring it on, silly kids who need images to go along with their lips moving when they see a sentence.

I got a three day timeout on my last board for even posting a link to Charisma Carpenter’s Playboy pix. They could do that here. Ban.

Does this board experience much growth? Because people might not be staying if they can’t tell who the players are. Not sure growth is important, except financially - and I did already pay to upgrade. apropos of nothing

Get off my lawn!

You do? Is it possible to post images on the SDMB, or do you mean that the spammers post links to images?

And of course, if avatars are ever permitted here, this could be greatly avoided by only permitting members with a certain number of posts (doesn’t have to be large, something like 10 or 30) to post an avatar or inline pictures. Or hey, here’s a suggestion Ed would like: make having an avatar a perk of paying membership! :wink:

If they can’t tell whose posts they are reading by looking at the poster name just on top the post I’m not sure we want them here.

Make having the ability to see avatars a perk. Everybody upload them, those of us who pay and choose to could see them.

I’d be grateful.

Really? Interesting. I’ll have to give that some thought. I know I’ll remember Frodo was an ass when I first got here, but I don’t have that luxury with the rest of the posters. And how many regular posters do you have, that I should be keeping track of sans picture prompts.

(Bolding mine.)

Problem solved. Inner Stickler is right. All the people who want avatars could have them and the ones who don’t want to see them do not have to.

The real reason is what Lynn alluded to.

People on this board like to pretend that “We” at the “Ignorance Fighting Straight Dope” are better than everyone else and because “We” are superior to the rest of the internet we don’t want all those “silly kids” coming in and bringing down the esteem reputation of this institution.

Really? So since 99% of boards have avatars I’m going to guess that this is the only board you visit since you’ve made it clear you do not want to hang out with any of “those types”.

If you require pictures to tell one poster from another(even though every single poster here has a unique name), then it would make sense that:

  1. Every single avatar would have to be significantly different. Similar looking avatars might confuse you, right?
  2. The avatars would have to be permanent-no changing them when you see something you like better, and no changing them when your mood changes, otherwise confusion might yet again ensue.

No. Similar looking avatars might confuse a 3 y/o, but I’m pretty sure there aren’t any at the board.

I see the name with the avatar, so changing doesn’t affect that. Seeing nothing, not even signatures? - The thing of it is, most of you have been here forever. You, I am guessing, don’t know what it’s like to show up here and have no idea who anybody is, and further be told that you must be about the dimmest bulb on the tree, and possibly not even welcome, if you can’t tell the players apart. I think a fair number of you are well past-due for a paradigm shift.

Are there any similar looking names you are currently having problems with? We usually try to remedy that situation when it pops up.

I haven’t been here long enough to say. I will let you know.

Not all of us have told you that and I rather resent the characterization. There are avatars at a million other boards, so why do we have to be just like everyone else? And no, I don’t think we are the smartest people out there - we have a mix of smart and stupid just like everyone else. But we stay for a reason, and tha’s the conversations to be had. I see no reason to change it and I am staunchly against avatars.

If the situation ever arises in the future where you are having trouble telling one poster from another because their names are confusingly similar, just email a mod and we’ll see what we can do for you.

You should not be calling people names in this forum.

If you have an issue with someone, take it to the Pit.

Thank you.

I don’t suppose you offer refunds.