Hello! I am new here and was wondering if avatars are disabled on this site? I saw in the CP the option to see other people’s avatars, but I’m not seeing any in threads nor the ability to upload my own.

No avatars here. Someone with more info will chime in to explain why.

Thank you. I figured that was the case and wanted to confirm.
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Avatars are currently disabled as many folks around here consider avatars to be an annoyance. Some people like them though, and someone at one point made a greasemonkey script that would allow them to be displayed.

I don’t have a link for the script, but if you want to go that route, a google search should find it easily enough.

Since most people can’t see them, I assume most people haven’t selected an avatar for themselves. So I don’t see what good a script would do…

I’ll chime in as liking avatar. I find they make it easier for me to follow conversations, because I can “see” the people speaking. Maybe it’s relevant that I’m a little dyslexic.

Here’s a link to a thread about the greasemonkey script that allows avatars https://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=626125

I had the greasemonkey script for awhile, but it stopped working. Look in the thread about improving the board and chime in. There are several requests for avatars, and it would help to get some newbie imput that and other ideas. :slight_smile:

So is the avatar the same as the profile photo? Or is it something else? In anticipation of possible future changes I uploaded an image in my “profile photo” in case that is the right place for it.

I am ok with it. It might be fun.

Sure. I know you even have a special avatar put away already. :smiley:

AIUI, the profile photo is what is seen when people visit your profile page. And your avatar is the picture they’ll see next to your name in every post you make.

Why, yes, yes I do.:wink:

Thanks for the responses, y’all. Avatars are a staple in the other forums I frequent, and I wondered where the options was here. It’s all good if the admins disabled it but would be happy to see it implemented in the future :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link. I installed it, but no luck getting it to work, unfortunately.

If you haven’t already, go register an account at the Giraffe board, enable avatars and go look around. That’s what a vBulletin board looks like with avatars enabled. We pick our own and can change them any time we like. While you’re at it, look at the bottom of each page and notice how many differents skins there are. I like “Osteoblast,” myself. If you really like a specific one you can set that preference in your User CP and your logged in view of the board will always appear in that skin. As you will quickly discover, the avatars make it easy to spot who’s who and help associate a personality to the username. We also have full access to changing our user titles as well.

That sounds like anarchy.

Where are the million rules and the posting police?

You can add your own tag lines too. It’s total anarchy over there.

We tried to get those set up but were distracted by the ability to post YouTube videos in posts so we got sidetracked by cute bebeh goat videos and cool music.

We’ve brought them up with the administrator, TubaDiva. No indication if she’s considering them, just something that’s been brought up as a suggestion.

Fenris will arbitrarily and capriciously box you for a period of up to an hour.

Phfew, well, at least thank goodness for that.