average salary for a member of the Los Angeles Phil?

They’re pretty darn good, as far as a Philharmonic goes, and they just moved into the super-expensive Disney Hall…so they’ve got to make a decent salary, right?

I’ve done a little bit of searching, but to no avail. There are two full-time players who go to my church in Pasadena, but I wouldn’t be rude enough to ask them. But I’m just dying to know. Also, what’s Salonen make as Music Director (excluding things like commissioned pieces)?

You people know. I know you do.:dubious:
(btw, that was my first use of the smilies. did I do okay?)

From their site.

dammit! I can never find what I’m looking for online.
Now, what about Salonen? (Who wants to be first to show me where I’ve overlooked this one?)

Big bucks it would seem: