Aversive therapy and addiction

Re the question of adversive therapy curing addiction.

First, we will set aside the question of whether “addiction” really exists and assume, for the sake of argument that it really does. Without going into details, there are a number of respected authorities who claim that it is just a behavior and, as such, cannot be termed a disease. But let’s set that question aside for the moment.

According to Dr. John Morgan, who has done quite a bit of study in the field, the only treatment that works for any more than about five percent of the “addicts” is drug substitution. That is, giving the addicts another drug that substitutes for their drug of choice, with the hope that the substitute drug will be easier to manage and less harmful. The most common example is methadone for heroin addiction.

This is consistent with what I have heard from other sources. The abusive behavior is caused by psychological issues and until you address the psychological issues, the abusive behavior will continue. Thus, if aversive therapy has any effect at all, it would probably just to drive the people to another, perhaps even more harmful, drug.

As Dr. Morgan said, the cure rates (meaning abstinence) for all treatments are the same whether you pat them on the head, put them in jail, or just ignore them. It appears that about five percent of them will “mature” out of the syndrome in any given year.

“there are a number of respected authorities who claim that it is just a behavior”
“According to Dr. John Morgan”

Who is Dr. John Morgan?
Who are the “respected authorities?”

Cites, Please

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