.avi files

I just spent three days downloading Pumping Iron on my sad, slow connection only to discover that my program couldn’t dowload the appropriate decompressor.

I’m on Windows 98 and, I’m assuming, the computer used Windows default program. Clicking for more help told me nothing. What can I download to play this? Thanks.

Hmm. My return has gone from anti-climactic to kind of hapless. Perhaps my ruthless downloading of pornography will frighten some of you.

It may be divx encoded. Try the software here: http://www.divx.com/divx/

I recently ran into some AVI files that were. You just need to install the AVI codec (or whatever it is), then you can use Windows Media player to view the files, or you can use the player that comes with the codec, which I found to be a better player (allows for playback quality adjustment which is good for slower machines).

If DivX doesn’t do it, try Xvid. You can do a google search to find a place to download it.

Ye Gads. I’v never been so scared before by the simple combination of a username and a thread title. :eek:

I have a feeling that the site I want to post may run afoul of posting rules, since it contains, among other things, instructions on how to make copies of dvds. It would certainly “help” you with your “vcd” woes, though. Luckily, google is your friend.

Grr. All that trouble and some stupid other site comes up when you search vcd help on google.

Screw it: http://www.dvdrhelp.com/play#identify

That’s a link to their explanation on how to figure out what codec your .avi uses. Once you know that, just search for the codec.

Oh. I see. They changed the website name. (used to be vcdhelp.com)