Avon Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk

A friend recently asked me to contribute to this Avon fundraiser in which its participants walk to Washington, D.C. over three days–a total of about 60 miles. After telling me how much the organizers are doing and the tremendous amount of logistics involved, it got me to wondering just how much of every dollar raised actually goes to administrative overhead and how much to cancer research and substantive education. (Education other than the staging of this event and its tie-in to breast cancer.)

Does anyone know where I can find this information? Speaking of charities/fundraisers, what percentage of each dollar raised to cover administrative fees is generally considered appropriate by watchdog groups? I have heard of some charities/fundraising groups that use over 70-90% of their generated revenues for administrative costs, which seems obscene to me.

There is a lot of info on their website at:

and also at:

There is also an 800 number on there to call where you could ask your question. There is a lot of info on the websites, but I couldn’t find the specific percentage per dollar figure you were looking for.


Sheesh, and a second later, I find it.

There ya go!