"Aw, Jeez, Not This $&!T Again!" Who Is That Guy?

It’s almost iconic, and has been used over and over in online forums and the like. The one I’m referring to, looks to be from the 1950s, and I’m finding it difficult to determine who he was. He sort of looks like Dick Clark or Hugh Beaumont, wearing a suit and tie, bryl-cream hair and a suitably pained expression or disgust on his face. Who the hell is it, really? Don’t need the answer fast. It’s just one of those stupid Trivia things that my google-fu has failed and it’s starting to bug me. Somebody has to know.

Are you thinking of J.R. “Bob” Dobbs from the Church of the SubGenius? It’s an iconic 50’s image often used in online communities, but there’s no suit and tie, and I wouldn’t call his expression pained.

jim horne



That’s him! Thanks… I think this means I spend too much time on the internet, though.

Hijack: Who’s the “It’s Aliens” guy with the crazy hair?



Thanks Mike. An image search on him is an absolute goldmine.

you should watch ancient aliens sometime, talk about goldmine!